Haunted Chocolatier: The creator of Stardew Valley announces his new game

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, a name that has marked perhaps more than anyone else the history of the indie game market of the last 5 years thanks to his Stardew Valley, announced the arrival of his next game: Haunted Chocolatier.

Through a gameplay video released a few hours ago, ConcernedApe revealed that his next work will be a Stardew Valley-style RPG where, instead of a field to cultivate, we will have to prepare and pack chocolate; all in a chocolate shop inside a haunted castle (why not?).

The trailer for Haunted Chocolatier, the new game from the creator of Stardew Valley

Between ghosts and sweets of all kinds, it seems that in the game we will immerse ourselves in a fantasy world where we will have to “Hunt for ingredients” to make the most delicious recipes.

Here is the gameplay trailer for the game:

In a blog post by Eric regarding the game, the developer talked about the driving force behind Haunted Chocolatier.

He explained that “He wanted to explore more fantastic possibilities”, something a little less rooted in reality e “Beyond the ordinary”. But while there are ghosts and skeletons galore in Haunted Chocolatier, making it the perfect Halloween announcement, ConcernedApe wanted to point out that it’s not about “A bad or bad game”. In fact, for Eric, the game was developed to be “positive and uplifting”.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that ConcernedApe fans will have to wait a long time to get their hands on Haunted Chocolatier, as it seems there is still a lot of work to be done before the release.

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