HBO Max raises its price taking advantage of the premiere of ‘The Last of Us’

It was sung and even announced, but it has arrived earlier than expected… And the couplet ends here. We talk about the HBO Max price hikethe first platform on the market to take this unpopular step in the year that we have just begun, although it will surely not be the only one.

Indeed, it was already known that HBO Max would raise its prices not because that is what all VOD services are doing, but because the company itself had announced it. However, the rise was not expected so soon, nor was it expected to happen before the completion of the merger of HBO Max and Discover +, scheduled for the first quarter of the year in the United States.

The rise in question, in fact, affects only the United States for the moment, but it is already known that what happens in Las Vegas, if it is about collecting more, does not stay in Las Vegas. Not only that: the increase in the subscription that has just been given is tiny and does not seem to be the definitive one, but only a preview of what will happen once HBO Max and Discovery + are one.

Specifically, the price of HBO Max raise a dollar and go from $14.99 that it cost up to now to $15.99 per month. The price of the subscription with ads, exclusive for the moment in the US market, remains unchanged at a cost of $9.99 per month. Yes, there are those who pay 10 dollars for content with advertising…

… And very probably the same will happen here, because if the content sector is being characterized by something streaming It is for making uncontrolled waters. There are no number of subscribers that guarantee profits today. Not to mention, the restructuring of Warner Bros. Discovery is deep and not over yet.

So, all that remains is to wait for HBO Max to transfer the price increase to the rest of the markets in which the service operates, including Spain, where it now costs 8.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year. Except for those who took advantage of the launch offer and pay half forever… Or until the platform becomes a different one when it adds the Discovery+ catalog and, as everything seems to indicate, changes its name.

In any case, the date for the small increase in question has not been chosen at random, and it is done just before the premiere of one of the most anticipated releases of the platform for 2023: the adaptation of The Last of Uswhose first chapter will be broadcast tomorrow Sunday on both the HBO cable channel and HBO Max.

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