He distributes pirated content from Netflix and Prime Video and is fined $30 million

Dwayne Johnson, unrelated to The Rock, agreed to pay the sum of $30 million to the largest American SVOD services and Hollywood studios. He operated two paid pirate IPTV sites.

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The fight against pirate IPTV services is in full swing around the world. Today, Torrent Freak informs us that the film studios and the main American SVODs have won the legal battle which pitted them against a distributor of pirated content. The latter will have to pay them several million dollars in damages for direct copyright infringementcontributory copyright infringement and incitement to copyright infringement.

As early as 2021, a large American coalition of the biggest SVOD services, bringing together Netflix and Amazon, for example, but also film studios and television channels, came together to attack two pirated content distribution sites, Quality Restreams and AllAccessTV. The latter, for example, offers access to hundreds of pirated movies, 4K streaming sites and television channels almost simultaneously across a non-binding subscription of $49.95.

Sites offer access to pirated content for prices ranging from $10 to $50 per month

The offending sites barely concealed their true nature. Indeed, to take advantage of their offers, you had to click on a button leading to the VPN Safe Vault site. If the latter does indeed offer a virtual private network service, it is above all a facade used to subscribe to the IPTV service through online chat. An operator was in charge of taking your details and processing the payments.

Their manager, Dwayne Johnson, agreed on March 16, 2023 to pay damages to the complainants. Let’s hope for him that his pirate IPTV services have been very lucrative because without it, he might not have enough of a life to pay it back. In total, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, but also Universal, Dream Works or even Disney, Paramount+ and Warner, will recover the sum of $30 million. It is undoubtedly a straw for each of these companies, but the victory is above all symbolic, and the message sent is clear.

Source : Torrent Freak

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