Heartbreaking: Three children lived alone for a year with their brother’s corpse; his stepfather murdered him

Three children ages 7, 10 and 15 they lived alone for a year with him corpse of his other brother 9, To who his mom’s boyfriend beat to death more than 12 months ago. His mother and stepfather left them to their own devices and went to live 15 minutes away; the little ones survived thanks to Neighbors took the biggest one to eat of them, without knowing that the body of the other child was also there and that two other minors lived there.

No one knew about the case until Sunday, October 24, when the older of the little brothers decided to break the silence after they ran out of electricity and asked to borrow a charger from a neighbor; So, he connected a cell phone and once he managed to turn it on, texted 911 and told what was happening at home. Police from Houston, in the United States, arrived immediately and on the spot they found the children malnourished and injured.

The 15-year-old teenager told them that for several months his mother, Gloria Williams, she had gone to live with her boyfriend Brian Coulter, and that the latter a year before had severely beaten his 9-year-old brother, causing his death. All this time, the three minors lived with the corpse, which was found that day by investigators.

Some neighbors were dismayed to know exactly the case, because although they used to bring food to the 15-year-oldThey thought that he lived alone, because on some occasion they had seen his mother bring him some sandwiches, however, he just came down, took them and ran upstairs.

They never noticed that two other small children lived with him who were in their charge, much less did they think that they shared an apartment with the corpse of their little brother. A neighbor said that on some occasion they told the administrators of the building that they perceived a strong fetid smell, but they thought that it came from someone abandoned apartment and they never knew if someone had attended the complaint or not.

They arrested her mom and her boyfriend

The policemen of the cHarris wave, in Houston, reported that the three minors were malnourished and that the youngest, 7 years old, had several fractures on his face, so were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment; Now, what follows is that the authorities investigate the family while Texas Family Services will take emergency custody of the three.

Neighbors told local media that perhaps the 15-year-old teenager never confessed that he lived with his little brothers and that one of them was dead because he was afraid that he would be beaten, punished or even separated from them.

This Tuesday, Houston authorities detained Gloria, the mother of the four children, as well as her boyfriend Brian Coulter, accused of allegedly beating to death the 8-year-old son, his partner’s son. They were both in a public library looking for newspaper reports about themselves.

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old woman will be investigated for hurting the children by omission, for not giving them medical attention or giving them adequate supervision; It is worth mentioning that a year ago, school authorities had denounced her for not enrolling her children in school, however, the case was dismissed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Monday, after the terrible case of the children became known, they had been interrogated but released; although the next day they were apprehended. According to local media, in addition to the charges already made against them, they could be charged with others as the investigation progresses.

With information from ABC, KPRC-TV and Daily Mail


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