Help your child learn to read with the help of these programs

Finally, it never hurts that the applications are free, although the paid applications usually contain much more extensive content, so the contribution may be worth it.

Apps to practice reading

Next, we are going to talk about a series of programs for Windows that will help us so that the little ones in the house begin to become familiar with reading in a simple and fun way.

ABC Teacher, learn to read with various levels of difficulty

We are facing educational software compatible with Windows, with which children can learn to read, write and type, through very enjoyable exercises. Offers various levels of difficulty, starting with very simple activities that later become gradually complicated, thus consolidating their learning. He will start by knowing the letters in the first instance and then continue his training process that leads him to learn to write and read. Therefore, it is a literacy tool, especially suitable for children with concentration or eye coordination problems, although it can be used by all types of children to reduce learning time.

We can download a trial version of ABC Maestro from their website. To be able to use it permanently, it will be necessary to acquire its license, which has a price of 53.90 euros.

Leo with Grin (literacy), for children from 4 to 7 years

We are now talking about an application that is based on games that will help children learn to read and write through the use of an interactive primer. It is especially aimed at children who are in Infantil even those who start the first year of primary school, from 4 to 6 or 7 years old. It has a complete course that will help children learn to read in Spanish. In it we find 30 lessons with a wide variety of literacy exercises. Through its use, children can stimulate their learning and have two levels of games. Among its exercises is ordering words, identifying and matching syllables, building sentences, among others.

Leo with Grin

Leo with Grin is currently priced at 12.99 euros in a single payment. We can acquire it by accessing the developer’s website.

ABC and puzzle, discover the letters of the alphabet

We find an eminently educational and fun application. Its main objective is to help children learn the letters of the alphabet. It has samples of phonetics of the name, pronunciation and the written letter for each letter of the alphabet, from A to Z. It also has some math lessons for preschool-age children, with addition and subtraction exercises from 1 to 20. It has of different levels that as they are completed and the children progress, the difficulty increases. Therefore, it is a great way for the little ones in the house to learn the alphabet and numbers.

ABC and puzzle

We can download the ABC and puzzle application from the Microsoft Store. It has a paid version that has a cost of 2.49 euros.

Children's ABC and Counting Jigsaw Puzzle Game - teaches the alphabet and arithmetic
Children's ABC and Counting Jigsaw Puzzle Game - teaches the alphabet and arithmetic

Developer: Espace Pty Ltd

Words and puzzles to learn the alphabet

We are going to talk about an application that is specially developed to help preschool-age children to learn the english alphabet with phonetics and a total of 120 words, through fun puzzles. In this way, children can learn the name of each letter and its sound and then play interactively with objects related to that letter. Each word is represented in a cartoon box that must be placed to relieve its sound. Thus, children of 4 and 5 years old can learn to read, write and pronounce the name of the word in English.

Words and puzzles for preschool

The application is downloaded for free from the Windows Store. It has a premium payment to fully enjoy the entire application and has a price of 2.49 euros.

ABC preschool word and phonetic puzzle
ABC preschool word and phonetic puzzle

Developer: Espace Pty Ltd

Websites to learn to read

If we do not want to download programs to our computer, we can also use various web pages that will help us with the task of learning the language of the little ones.

Smartick, helps children improve their reading comprehension

We are now talking about an application that will help the little ones to improve your reading compression, through an effective study plan to familiarize toddlers with reading. Their activities range from letter recognition to better understanding of complex texts. Everything is done correctly and at the speed corresponding to the child’s age, so that they can perfectly understand the message of both the sentences and the written texts. It is ideal for children from 4 years old who begin to work identifying and manipulating syllables up to 9 years where they improve their reading speed and their ability to improve complex texts.


A 7-day free trial period can be accessed from this link to its main website. Its price ranges between 19.90 euros and 39 euros per month, depending on the number of registered children and the months of subscription.

PipoClub, favors the learning of the little ones

Pipo is characterized by being one of the publishers aimed at children with the longest time in the market, so its web application PipoClub is aimed at learning the language of the little ones. Given their structure and operation, they will allow us to enhance the learning capacities of our children in the main areas and Basic abilities. The page consists of 16 fun games, each one with fun purposes and different educational objectives. Each game tells us what is the mission they must carry out and the recommended age for children, covering practically up to 10 years.


The PipoClub website is a fun and free way for our children to learn to read and develop their learning. To do this, just click on this link to the PipoClub website.

Rainbow games, educational website for children to learn to read

We are facing an educational website created in 2007 and that has a large number of tools for educational content aimed at children of all ages. From this website, our children can learn to read, count and begin to know some of the basic principles of spelling. Within its lyrics section we find some games such as Words, Alphabet Soup, Letter Fugue, Vowels and consonants, among others.

Rainbow games

Rainbow Game is a free web application that we can access by clicking on this link to the developer’s website.

What program or website to choose?

As we can see, we have a good number of programs and web applications so that the little ones in the house have fun while learning to read and relate to words and the alphabet. When choosing between one program or another, the main thing is to decide if we prefer a free web application that we can use without downloading any program or opt for a paid application, which are usually much more complete.

As a free website PipoClub It may be the most interesting option, while if we opt for a paid application ABC Teacher it is a very option to consider. In addition, it has a free trial period to evaluate it.

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