Here’s how to request removal of personal data from Google search

Late last month, Google announced a new option for users who want to request removal of personal data and other sensitive information from the company’s search engine.

Google recognizes the importance of people having control over what information they can find. Thus, it created a page in which the person can request the removal of personal data.

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What personal data can be removed

Check below the list of personal and sensitive information that enters the new policy of Google and thus become subject to a request for removal from search results.

  • Identification number such as CPF;
  • Number of bank accounts;
  • Number of credit cards;
  • Image containing handwritten signature;
  • Scans of identification documents;
  • Restricted personal records, such as a medical history;
  • Personal data, such as address, telephone number and email address;
  • logins.

In addition to the data, two more requirements are accepted for deletion:

  • Explicit or implied threats;
  • Explicit or implied incentives for others to engage in harmful or harassing behavior.

How to request removal of personal data from Google search

Important! THE removal of personal data of Google search is not automatic. In practice, you need to file a request and include the URLs of the pages that host your information, as well as the search pages that display these links. Screenshots can also be included to facilitate the assessment process.

To initiate a request, simply click on this link, answer the questions and fill in the final form. Your request will be evaluated by the company, taking into account whether the removal would limit access to publicly available information or if it is “widely useful” such as a news article.

Google: How to request removal of personal data from search

Image: reproduction

Whatever the company’s decision, the user is informed. Depending on the content and context, Google may remove links from all search results or just results that include your name.

All details about the process can be found at google support site.

Data will only be removed from Google

Also on its support page, as can be seen in the image below, Google explains that the information removed by it may continue to exist on the internet.

Google Data Removal Notice

Image: reproduction/Google

That is, the search engine will remove your information from the results searched by users, but this does not mean that the site will be notified to remove your personal data. In addition, it is worth remembering that the request for data removal is denied if a problem is not identified.

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