here’s how to stop Meta from tracking you

Good news, Facebook users have the ability to opt out of “user tracking,” which serves “highly targeted” ads using their personal data, but they need to get permission from Meta. We explain how to do it.

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A few days ago, Meta yielded to European Union injunctions by allowing users to disable targeted advertising, by prohibiting Facebook from monitoring your every move on the social network.

Indeed, Meta will now allow EU users to choose a version of its services that will target them only with broad category-based adssuch as their age range and general location, without using, as is currently the case, data such as the videos they watch or the content they click on inside the applications of the group.

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Meta is committed to GDPR compliance in Europe

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) rulings came after a European consumer rights group, NOYB, filed numerous complaints against Meta for massive data collection in violation of the GDPR. Following these complaints, Meta finally decided to temporarily change its policy by allowing European users to opt out of being tracked.


Despite these changes, Meta still plans to appeal these DPC decisions considering that the legal basis of its previous contract is in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company will now argue that it does not need to obtain user consent directly because it has a “ legitimate interest » to collect data to operate its social platforms.

According to NOYB, other platforms like TikTok have already tried, unsuccessfully, to convince EU regulators that they have legitimate interests in collecting data for targeted advertising, so Meta’s efforts might ultimately be in vain.

How do I opt out of targeted Meta ads?

If you wish to refuse the tracking imposed by Facebook, know that NOYB has set up a free opt-out tool which allows users to object to any processing based on “legitimate interest” and object more generally to the use of personal data for targeted advertising.

To do this, simply go to the tool’s home page, read the conditions, tick ” I consent to the processing described above », then click on « go to tool “. You will then be prompted to log in to Facebook (i.e. verify your account), provide NOYB with the email address you use for the service or even to oppose via your customer e-mail.

By choosing to provide your e-mail, NOYB will send you an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address, and you will then only have to click on the link. A page will open and offer you to view the opposition e-mail, which you can then send to Meta by pressing the button at the bottom of your screen.

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It’s unclear exactly how long Meta will take to process your request, but the company has made a firm commitment to disable tracking for all users who request it.

If you don’t want to go through the European consumer rights group’s tool, Facebook will soon let you fill out an online form to object to Meta’s use of their in-app activity for advertising, and the company will then assess your objection before implementing the change.

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