Heroes of Barcadia: great success for the board game where life points are measured in… beer!

It is rapidly moving towards the million dollars raised on Kickstarter the project of Rollacrit, Heroes of Barcadia, a board game in a party game / dungeon crawler style in which the characters’ life points will be represented by the beer level present in our mugs!

A gang of monsters has stolen all the drinks in the kingdom and amassed them in a dangerous and sprawling prison! Now it’s your turn, brave adventurer, to enter the ever-changing corridors, outsmart your opponents and reclaim the precious Drink Hoard!

Great success on Kickstarter for Heroes of Barcadia

These are the premises of Heroes of Barcadia, the board game of the moment on Kickstarter that will engage the players around the table (from 2 to 6) in a fantasy adventure, where the health of our character is measured by the level of the beer (ok , actually also from any other type of drink) in our glass.

Build your own dungeon, fight monsters, collect power-ups to improve your character’s abilities, and use loot cards to prevent your opponents from reaching the Grand Drink Guardian first. Nice Guys come last in this fast-paced, ever-changing, pun-tastic party game, so get ready to (burp) and carry your thirst for adventure!

Here is the trailer of the Kickstarter project, already funded by over 11,600 supporters on the official page by Heroes of Barcadia:

Our characters, represented by the glasses included in the game, will move within dynamically created dungeons in each session, where the individual rooms will actually be a sort of coaster. And if you are worried that the game components could get damaged by getting wet… do not worry! Rollacrit in fact, it made every component waterproof (except for the regulation).

Heroes of Barcadia will also be made available in Italian, so we won’t even have to worry about not understanding English well anymore; maybe after a few games where we will be dead a little too often.

If you are interested in financing the game, which is scheduled for delivery next March, hurry up. In fact, there are only 2 days left to close the project!

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