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Cryptocurrencies: a new trend that floods social networks

Browsing through social networks it is quite obvious that cryptocurrencies are something that many are interested in. We can see from advertisements recommending that we get hold of them, people sharing the rise or fall in the digital currency market that they carry or even some users who share their investment ideas so that the rest can follow them (or not). But we will talk a little more ahead of the latter type of users.

As a reminder, in case your entry to this article has been more out of curiosity than to know those Twitter accounts that we are going to show you, you should know what these digital currencies are and what we can use them for. A cryptocurrency, also known as cryptocurrency or digital currencies, complies with the function of a coin but it circulates through the internet, not in a physical state like the one you can have in your pocket. In addition, these currencies have the characteristic of being decentralized and, therefore, they are not controlled by a single service or company. And another of the most interesting things about these is that its value is variable, yes, a currency that changes in value.

What can you do with a cryptocurrency? Well, the two most popular uses today are the payment of anything (that is “compatible” with this system) through the internet and, as we have already told you a few moments ago, its exchange, also known as trading. This last use leads us to the fact that, if we do the operation at the right time, we will earn money through the purchase and sale of these if the market goes up.

The popularity of this type of digital currency has been so popular in recent years that even soccer players can now collect part of your salary in cryptocurrencies. Although it may seem crazy to you, the clear example of this is the recent incorporation of Messi to PSG, where a portion of your salary will be paid through this digital currency. Of course, the arrival of the player to the club that caused the value of his cryptocurrency to greatly increase its value, already reaching a price of 41.71 dollars.

Best Twitter accounts to trade cryptocurrencies

And well, now, it is time for us to show you some of the best accounts that you will be able to follow in the social network of the blue bird to be able to operate with cryptocurrencies.


The first of the accounts that we want to recommend will help you keep up with all the news related to cryptocurrencies, something very important because they directly influence their market value. This is the Twitter profile of CoinDesk, a publication that talks about anything that affects these cryptocurrencies. To give you an idea of ​​its relevance, media such as the Wall Street Journal bet on their reports with their eyes closed.

Plan B

On the other hand, and speaking directly of cryptocurrency operators, you should follow the account of Plan B. This was the creator of the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) method and is a recognized trader of the most popular digital currency: Bitcoin. Of course, your profile is in English.

David battaglia

Another very interesting account that you should have among your list of followed profiles is that of David battaglia. He is a well-known entrepreneur and YouTuber in the Hispanic digital currency industry.

This user shares investment ideas, as well as how he got started in the world of trading and how he learned through trial and error. In this way, he intends to help the community that follows him through their social networks and, above all, those users who are starting out in this sector.

Bitcoin ?ack

You can also follow the self-described “Crypto Pirate.” Your account gets the name of Bitcoin jack and he is a market analyst for these currencies well known on Twitter for his speculations, especially on Bitcoin.


Another account that you may be interested in following is that of BagZone. It is, as its name suggests, a service by a group of experts in stock market and cryptocurrency operations. They share their business ideas through this social network but, in addition, they offer a VIP service that you can consult on their website.

In addition, you may also be interested in following the profile of Javier Sanz , creator of the BolsaZone project. Through his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he shares many investment and trading ideas with cryptocurrencies.


Continuing with more interesting profiles for those looking for opportunities to operate with digital currencies, we have: Devchart. This user continually contributes ideas from a wide variety of operations with various currencies, launches signals and talks about automated trading.

Daniel muvdi

If what you were looking for are Spanish-speaking accounts, you should follow Daniel muvdi, one of the most experienced traders in the digital currency community. Among all his content through social networks, Daniel provides analysis on trading ideas on Ethereum and Bitcoin, above all.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about this sector, you can always follow him on his YouTube channel where he explains in greater detail the technical analysis of the market and its opportunities to operate with cryptocurrencies.


You have the perfect mix between speculations to operate with cryptocurrencies and memes through the account of Sicarious. Calling himself a ‘crypto speculator’, he keeps his followers up to date on the movements of the crypto market, as well as some ideas for trading in it.

Rekt Capital

To learn about the cryptocurrency market, one of the quintessential accounts that you should have on your followed list is Rekt Capital. Thanks to the courses and market analysis it offers, many users are enjoying making money from it. Of course, keep in mind that the content will be in English.

Juan Rodriguez

Finally, we wanted to recommend the profile of John Rodriguez. He is an on-chain analyst, in addition to being a content creator on YouTube and Twitter about these digital currencies and the operation with them. Through this account we can see graphs and analysis on Bitcoin.

* Among our recommendations included is the Bolsazone profile, a service linked to the ADSLZone Group, of which El Output is also a part. Despite this, this selection has been an editorial decision and at no time have we been asked or suggested that it be included in it.

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