Hitman 3 breaks records and announces ray tracing on Xbox Series X / S

The Hitman saga has always been characterized by its ups and downs. He went through a considerable bump when he opted for the episodic format, much criticized by fans. However, now it is experiencing a real resurgence with the third installment that has seen the light a few days ago.

The best digital launch of the franchise

Hitman 3 is available on practically all platforms, including Nintendo Switch with its cloud version. Precisely speaking of versions, it is time to address the good figures that all of them are reaping, although we will focus on those registered by the digital one.

Although the physical version, especially the collector’s version, is making a deep impression on fans of the franchise, the one that has obtained the greatest success is undoubtedly the digital one. This is indicated by the official account of IO Interactive , the development studio that has been in charge of creating this authentic game.

No other video game of the franchise had achieved as many sales in digital format as the third and final installment of an exciting trilogy from start to finish.

In the image Published on Twitter, this historical achievement appears together with the various notes that the specialized media have given it as an average, presenting in most cases an outstanding .

Everything is being good news lately for the development team. In fact, the sales figures could be further boosted if possible with the recent announcement of IO Interactive, which refers to the current generation video consoles manufactured by Microsoft.

Ray tracing technology is coming soon

As indicated by the study itself, each time a new Hitman is launched, the tasks of its workers multiply. And they are not conformists, but professionals located in Denmark have always displayed a high level of ambition .

A clear sample This is the intention they have to bring ray tracing to Hitman 3 , specifically on Xbox Series X / S. It was Maurizio de Pascale who confirmed that the engine known under the name Glacier is already receiving a high dose of work focused exclusively on the adaptation of said technology.

According to the head of IO Interactive , it will only be applied to Xbox Series X / S when they have proof that everything works perfectly . Right now it is too early to firmly confirm the release date of this future update.

Even so, he took advantage of the interview with Xbox Wire to mention how satisfied all the members of his equipment with the technical capabilities of Microsoft consoles . So much so that it states that the others carry too many limitations, preventing the video game they have in mind from coming out one hundred percent as they want.

The opposite happens on Xbox Series X / S and, of course, also on PCs for which it was announced long ago that ray tracing would end up arriving. Both platforms receive continuous praise from IO Interactive, not the same with PS5. It seems unlikely that this ray tracing technology will end up being enjoyable on the Sony game console.

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