How can a restaurant avoid ghosting using technology?

The hotel and catering sector is already preparing for the summer season which, on this occasion, has good prospects. However, each time they are seeing each other more cases ofno show”, which pose a great threat to the economy of restaurants and hotels that do not take action on time.

He no show refers to when someone makes a reservation, but it never appears and does not warn to the restaurant to report the situation. This is a practice that affects all types of restaurants, both the smallest ones, due to the low profit margin they manage, and the largest ones, which do not recover the cost invested in the customer experience.

Given the increase in this practice and the effect it has on the hospitality sector, some restaurants are beginning to take measures to prevent it from happening and, if it does, to shorten the negative effect on their economy. These measures range from starting to require advance payments to asking for the card number to applying penalties in the event that they do not show up or cancel the appointment. To avoid reaching these measures,, restoration management software, has the tool Last.Bookings to monitor reservation management.

«Increasingly, in the hospitality sector we find ourselves with this type of situation and it can be very frustrating for restaurants. A customer’s non-attendance means not only the loss of a sale, but also the loss of an even greater sales opportunity.“, Reveal sources.

How to avoid the no show in your restaurant?

Some of the measures that are being taken the most in the hospitality sector to avoid the effects of the no show are requesting non-refundable depositsoffer discounts to those who cancel well in advance, charges as the time of the reservation passes, etc.

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To address this challenge, one of the most efficient measures for businesses is the incorporation of reservation tracking software, which has the following features:

  • Automate reservations: Reservations are online, automatic, and it has an automated confirmation system that gives the possibility of modifying with time.
  • Increase income: the system speeds up reservation processes and increases table turnover, increasing profits.
  • Smart reservations: Last.Bookings automatically filters between the number of people, days and hours so that the client always finds the ideal day and time for their reservation.
  • 360º database: comprehensive and enriched allows the restaurant to meet customers and create digital marketing actions and advanced loyalty programs.
  • Waiting lists: It allows customers to sign up for waiting lists and in the event that a reservation does not appear, it sends the possibility of taking advantage of that space to the waiting list.
  • Autonomous program: the system controls all reservations and the process in real time, obtaining greater control and full integration with the POS.

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