Nike imagines sneakers with the effigy of Bart Simpson

The terrible kid from Springfield has just signed his first partnership with Nike.

After a partnership with Adidas and Converse, the Simpsons are back at Nike, for a pair of colorful sneakers bearing the image of Bart Simpson. Before their official presentation, the pvasneakers Instagram account presented a variation of the famous Dunk Low model, taking up the colorful identity of the terrible kid from Springfield.

Sneakers Nike Bart Simpons details
© pvasneakers

Unlike Adidas, which multiplies official collaborations with pop culture licenses, such as South Park or more recently the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nike does not seem to have benefited from a formal partnership this time. Never mind, despite official elements, the brand pays tribute to the cult animated series by playing on a color code that leaves no doubt. In particular, there are orange leather pieces in reference to the character’s t-shirt, a blue sole and inner lining to recall his shorts and shoes, as well as yellow, an obvious nod to the skin color. residents of the character’s hometown.

Nike Bart Simpons sneakers in front
© pvasneakers

Slated for release later this year, the Bart Simpson Dunk Low will be marketed around $100, and will complete a triptych of sneakers designed by the brand as a tribute to the animated series. In 2004, the equipment manufacturer had already marketed its Dunk Low Homer, before offering the Dunk High Marge in 2008. At the rate of a pair every four years, we can therefore imagine that the company is already planning a Lisa model in 2026, then a Maggie version in 2030. We simply regret that the pair dedicated to Bart does not offer integrated wheels, which would end up paying homage to the character and his love for skateboarding.

Still a little patience so to discover the next sneakers from Nike with the effigy of Bart Simpson. You will still have to be keen to hope to get a pair. The special models do not generally last long, and quickly find themselves out of stock, to the delight of scalpers, who resell them at exorbitant prices.

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