How does the number of stories of an apartment affect its price in Turkey?

The Turkish real estate market can offer its buyers a large selection of properties in a wide range of prices and characteristics, as far as a variety of layouts, number of stories, and territorial location. In Turkey, developers provide a guarantee for external and internal work for several years, and if any malfunctions arise, they eliminate them at their own expense. Check out the Turk.Estate website to find out more information.

The current state of affairs in the country allows experts to give positive forecasts regarding the further development of investment in the country. Definitely, the Turkish authorities do not plan to stop there. In accordance with the Development Plan until 2023, this country plans to become one of the most visited in the world. And this means that the conditions for investors, tourists, students and workers will become more and more attractive. Certainly, the future looks bright and promises significant benefits if you are one of those who have already invested in real estate in the country or plan to do so in the near future.

For those who buy Turkish housing, the number of stories of the housing units is important. It is also vital how the cost per square meter will depend on this.

Investing in Turkish real estate

The Republic of Turkey is one of the leaders in the tourism sector. And investing in developed areas is always reliable. Now the flow of tourists is over 48 million people a year, and promises to grow in the coming years. All these people are a source of income if you are one of those who invest in Turkish tourism.

In general, we can say that the republic provides ample opportunities if you are one of those who already have or plan to buy real estate – residential or commercial, related to tourism. It is this investment item that can be called one of the most promising today.

Number of stories in Turkey – the specifics of the issue

Investing in property is one of the best ways to save and increase capital. This method is suitable for both those who live in Turkey and foreign citizens. The numbers also speak in favor of this method. For example, the cost of housing in Istanbul over the past 5 years has increased by more than 20%, and in Alanya – by 18%. Therefore, it is obvious that buying a home or a commercial facility will reliably protect your funds and allow you to earn income. According to experts’ forecasts, no reduction in prices is expected in the near future, and prices will continue to rise, especially in large resort areas.

When choosing an apartment, almost every buyer puts in the first place the question of the location of the living space on one or another floor. Indeed, a lot depends on this factor: the presence of sunlight in the property and its intensity, noise characteristics, a sense of privacy, security, as well as the final price. For example, not many people prefer buying housing on the first and last floors. And making a positive decision in favor of such an acquisition, as a rule, is associated with financial issues because such offers are always cheaper.

Ground floor apartment in Turkey

The calculation of stories in Turkey is carried out according to a different system. Which floor is considered the first in Turkey? What is commonly known as the first floor is actually the zero or entrance floor in Turkey. They call it “giriş kat”. The second floor is respectively the first and so on. 

As for pricing, the buyer needs to know that apartments in Turkey on the resort coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the first floors are cheaper than apartments on the second level and above. 

The reasons for the cheaper price are quite objective:

  • Many of these living spaces are smaller.
  • Even though the country’s resorts have a low crime rate, some citizens prefer to reinsure themselves for safety reasons. Nevertheless, given the well-established work of 24/7 security in residential complexes, this argument is increasingly fading into the background among future owners.
  • Construction quality issues related to properly executed waterproofing. Before buying, we recommend that you study and check this item so that in the future the new apartment will only delight you and will not bring any additional hassle in the form of dampness and fungus.

What is a duplex

The second distinctive feature inherent in apartment buildings in the wide range of Turkish housing is the construction of two-level apartments or duplexes. As a rule, these are spacious rooms with two or more bedrooms, as well as a living room. On the modern real estate market in Turkey, there are a lot of such proposals, more than studio apartments, which have been prohibited from building since 2017.

There are duplexes of two types:

  1. located on the first and second floors or duplex apartments;
  2. apartments occupying the last two floors or penthouses.

Upper floors cost

As for apartments in Turkey, many buyers are interested in the question: are the upper floors more expensive or cheaper on the Mediterranean coast?

The answer is: as a rule, apartments on the upper floors and attics in the resort regions of Turkey are more expensive, because, in addition to spacious apartments, the owner gets stunning views from the window, fresh air, and large terraces for a pleasant pastime.

Real Estate in Turkey There are plenty of housing options in Turkey and only you can decide where do you prefer to live. Specialists from Turk.Estate can assist you in obtaining your perfect property.

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