Smoking Tools You Should Know About: Gravity Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers & More

Every smoking enthusiast has their preferred method of getting high. Whether it’s taking big bong rips or burning through a huge bowl, many different tools can get the job done.

However, if you’re starting, you may not have explored all of your options yet. You can use grav dab rigs and bongs to get high. They both have different qualities that affect your smoking experience, so it’s important to know what you’re buying before making a purchase.

This article will explain six smoking tools that are used to get high.

1) Gravity Bongs

When most people think of smoking, they imagine taking large bong rips or blasting through a water pipe. These are both great ways to get high, but if you’re looking for something simpler, grav dab rigs might be right up your alley.

Gravity bongs (also called buckets or G-bongs) offer a different smoking experience than bongs and dab rigs. Grav bongs work by filling the chamber with water, packing your bowl, and lighting up as you drop the bowl into the water. The smoke gets filtered through the water as it bubbles out of the chamber.

2) Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are made to be used with concentrates. They are simple in design, consisting of a glass tube with a nail at the end. You heat the nail to burn your concentrate and then inhale through the pipe. Dabbing is an efficient way to consume concentrates because you can take massive hits and get high quickly.

3) Bubblers

A bubbler is a mixture of two devices, bong and dab rig, and offers the best of both worlds. You can use them with the herbs or concentrate on enjoying similar flavors, but you also get the head rush that comes from smoking an icy-cool bong rip.

Bubblers are usually small, with a wide mouthpiece and only one chamber. The design is not as complicated as giant bongs or dab rigs.

4) Bongs

Bongs are the traditional way to smoke cannabis. The smoking devices come in all shapes and sizes, but they typically consist of two chambers (a water pipe and a bowl).

You should fill the top chamber with water and then put your bowl in place. You light it up and let the smoke build in the lower section until you’re ready to hit it. Then, inhale through the mouthpiece. When you feel like you’ve had enough, remove the bowl from the lower chamber and release all the smoke at once.

Some common bongs are designed with dry herbs, while others are better suited for concentrates. They are made of unique materials, including glass, acrylic, and ceramic.

5) Vaporizers

Harsh smoke is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re searching for a subtle way to get high, vaping might be your best option. Although it’s possible to use vaporizers with dry herbs or concentrates, they are most commonly used with oils and waxes.

A vape pen works by similar principles to bongs and dab rigs. You load the chamber, turn it on, wait for the indicator light to turn green, and start drawing from the mouthpiece.

6) Rolling Paper

Inexpensive rolling paper can be used with cannabis or tobacco to roll joints. If you want to smoke flowers or dry herbs instead of concentrates, rolling paper can be a way to get high quickly.

You have to pack the flower in the paper, stick your finger through the side of the paper, and twist until it’s closed.


According to reports, increasing the adoption of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been booming the overall market growth. These six tools are just scratching the surface regarding smoking accessories. Whatever device you choose to use should be based on your preferences, but it’s good to have an idea of your options.

You should make sure you know how to use the tool before picking up a lighter. Take some time to learn about each one to choose the best smoking tool for you.

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