How much can I sell my old router for?

Surely you have or have ever had a old router that you no longer use. It happens when you change companies and they give you a new one. Even when switching from ADSL to fiber optics. Sometimes we can accumulate these types of devices at home and, although we can give them a second use, sometimes they end up getting in the way and we decide to sell them. How much can we get if we sell it?

Price of an old router

Keep in mind that this It will depend on the type of device., logically. An old ADSL router from 10 or 15 years ago is not the same as a new fiber optic router that we have recently changed. However, we are going to show the approximate price so that you can get an idea and see if you can really get something out of it or if it is not worth it.

If we look at some popular sites to buy second-hand products, such as eBay and Wallapop, we can get an idea of ​​​​the price of old routers. For example, him COMTREND WIFI AR-5387un and the like. This router has been very popular, since operators like Jazztel installed it for ADSL. Many people have it at home after they have gone fiber optic. We can sell this router (always taking into account the price on these platforms) for between €8 and €15. It’s not much, but there it is.

Comtrend VR-3025u box contents view

Other similar ADSL routers, from operators such as Orange, ONO or Movistar, usually have a similar price. We have seen the ONO CH6643E for about 15-17€ or some live box for 10-15 euros. Some more basic and older models do not even reach €10.

And what about the fiber optic router? Undoubtedly one of the most popular is the HGU router that Movistar usually installs. We can find it second-hand without much difficulty on eBay and Wallapop. The price is usually around 18-20 euros. Maybe a little more if for example it is practically unused and they send all the original components.

Is it worth selling the router?

Therefore, as we have seen, we can get through our old router between 8 and just over 20 euros. Of course, we always talk about routers that the operators have given us. If you have a different device, that you have bought on your own and has better characteristics, the thing changes and you can sell it for more.

So is it really worth selling old routers? The truth is that you will not be able to get a large amount of money, unless you have a more powerful device. If you only have one, which is also nothing special, it may be more worthwhile to keep it and give it a second use. You can always use an old router. For example turn it into a repeater.

On the other hand, if you have several old routers and you are not going to use them, you can always get some money. Although it is not much, it is something. You can even spend that money to buy a new more powerful router, repeaters, a Mesh system… In places like Wallapop or eBay you can easily sell them.

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