Where to buy cheap Ethernet network cables of different types

Stores to buy cheap network cables

Although there are Ethernet network cables in almost any electronics store, they generally only have basic cables that are Cat5e or at most Cat6, and they are also really expensive compared to other options that we can find online. Next, we recommend the main stores where you can buy this type of cable and our comments about it.


Amazon is the online store par excellence. In this store we are going to find a great variety of Ethernet network cables of all types and categories, in addition, many of them are sold directly by Amazon, or at least, they are managed by them, so we can benefit from shipping Free in 1 day from Amazon Prime members. If you are interested in buying a single Ethernet network cable, several cables in a pack and even a 50 meter or 100 meter coil of cable, this is the first store you should visit.

Our recommendation is that you always buy Cat 6 or higher network cables, Cat 7 cables being our favorites due to their good quality-price ratio, in addition, you must bear in mind that with this type of cabling you will be able to transfer data at a speed of 10Gbps without any problem. If you plan to buy a coiled network cable, you can also find the corresponding RJ-45 connectors and all the tools to correctly crimp the cable.

We recommend you go directly to Amazon where you can find flat cables and also braided nylon cables, among many other types.


PcComponentes is another website that you should take into account when buying your Ethernet network cables, especially if you are going to buy other components so that you do not have to pay shipping costs only for network cables. In this store you can also find cables of different categories and types, in addition, we will also have tools and supplies to crimp the network cables that they themselves sell in the form of coils of up to 305 meters.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of cables, including different colors, RJ-45 connectors, RJ-45 female sockets with one or two sockets, and much more.


Landashop is the online store of Landatel, one of the main distributors in Spain of wired and wireless networks. If we access its official website we will be able to see a large number of Ethernet network cables, both indoor and outdoor, of different types, categories and we can even buy fiber optic cables to use in switches that have SFP ports or SFP+. If you are going to place an order in Landashop for a large quantity of cable, compare the price with the shipping costs included to see where it is worth buying.

Of course, in Landashop we will find different types of ethernet network cable reels, such as Cat 6 UTP and also Cat 6 FTP cabling. Finally, we will find all the accessories and tools to properly crimp Ethernet network cables.


If you want to buy any type of network cable and fiber cable, cablematic is the website you should visit. On this website we will be able to buy almost any cable, of any category, type of cable, length and we can even buy reels of network cable of several hundred meters. Of course, we have all the necessary tools and accessories to assemble our own network cable.

What we like most about this website, in addition to its low prices, is that we have a huge number of options to choose from. In fact, on the left side we have everything perfectly classified so that it only shows us what interests us.

As you can see, we have Cat 7 and Cat 8 SFTP-type cables, ideal for having the maximum coverage and mitigating interference as best as possible if we put them through the light wiring.

Bare wire

On the Cablepelado website we can find a large number of network cables of different types, and a very important detail is that they are really cheap. Depending on your needs, you can buy basic cables such as Cat5E UTP type, or better cables such as Cat 7 SFTP cables. At the top we can filter by type, and you will realize that they are much cheaper than those sold on Amazon, however, you should also assess the cost of shipping costs, which are free from 49 euros.

If you are going to make a large order of network cables, without a doubt Cablepelado and cablematic are two very interesting options, both for their final price and for their variety.

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