How should I program the thermostat to have heating at home and save?

When to turn the heating on or off

Today it is very normal that we can schedule power on and off of a heating It does not matter if you have a smart thermostat or not, since they often have a remote to set an on or off time, as well as a timer to turn off when a certain time passes.

Every extra hour that you have the heating on will mean a higher consumption on your bill. It is true that consumption is not the same when you have to heat a house from a very low temperature and then maintain that temperature, but equally, the longer you stay, the more you will spend.

The advice in this case is do not rush the shutdown time. That is, if, for example, you are going to leave the house at a certain time and you are going to turn off the heating, do not turn it off just when you are going to leave, but rather a while before. This will help you save money, since the temperature will be maintained for a while without problems.

So when should you schedule your heating to turn off? Normally we talk that the ideal is for the house to be at 19-21 degrees during the day and around 16 degrees at night. Therefore, at night it is normal that you can turn it off and maintain that temperature if you have good thermal insulation.

Turn off or on based on habits

If, for example, you usually go to sleep at 11:00 p.m., it is not a good idea to turn off the temperature at exactly that time. You don’t really need it and you can save on heating. you can perfectly turn it off a couple of hours beforeat 9:00 p.m., and the temperature will more or less be maintained during those two hours until you go to sleep.

When switch the heater on? You may want the house to have a good temperature when you get up. If you turn on the heating right when you get up and shortly after you go to work, for example, it really won’t give enough time for the house to get a good temperature and you’ll waste energy without much sense. It is not the same as if you are going to spend more time at home.

What you can do is schedule the ignition for a while before getting up. Even if you continue to use energy anyway, at least you will have a good temperature in the house when you get up. Later, depending on whether you are going out soon or not, you can leave it on or turn it off.

Therefore, the general idea is to program the heating thermostat based on your habits. To achieve savings on the bill, the ideal is to keep it on for as short a time as possible. Turn it off a couple of hours before you go to sleep or leave the house. The temperature will not drop drastically if you have good thermal insulation and you can avoid spending more time. You can take advantage of the residual heat.

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