Careful! If you have this Chromecast in your house it will no longer be safe for you to use it

Not every device you own is always secure. In fact, it is possible that you use devices that can be dangerous in your day-to-day life, mainly because they have uncorrected vulnerabilities. That’s what can happen if you use a Google Chromecast like the one we are going to show. The company has decided to remove support. This means that they will no longer receive Software updates, but also not correct possible security problems. That is exactly what makes it no longer safe.

Specifically, it affects original Chromecast, a device they released a decade ago. This device is used to transmit video and we can say that it is quite popular. Although new versions have appeared over time, the truth is that many users still have this first model.

End of support for the first Chromecast

From Google they have indicated that End of support for Chromecast first generation. The company will not provide any type of support for them, nor will they receive updates to have improvements or correct possible bugs that they may have. Logically, users who have this device are now going to be at greater risk and also possible operating problems.

Apparently, the last update from about a month ago was the last that these Chromecast devices will receive. It does not mean that these devices stop working immediately, far from it, but it does mean that little by little they stop working well. This can happen simply because of the updates and improvements of the systems around them and that there start to be compatibility problems.

Keep in mind that the original Chromecast, which is now lose security supportIt was a major revolution. This small device, the size of a flash drive, connects to an HDMI port on the television and allows video to be transmitted from another device, such as a mobile phone or a computer.

Currently there more sophisticated models and that they have been launching over the years. However, as we said, there may be many users who continue to have this first version. And yes, from now on it can be a risk to your security. Hackers could find ways to find vulnerabilities and attack.

It is not a unique case

Of course, the case of Chromecast is not unique. There are many devices and systems that become obsolete with the passage of time. It can also happen with applications for mobile phones and computers. They stop receiving updates and that means they are no longer safe to use and should not be used.

Our advice is that, as far as possible, avoid using outdated devices. There may be problems in case you have an old router, a mobile that no longer receives updates, an old television connected to the Internet, etc. The risks are there and the truth is that you can suffer very varied attacks.

In short, as you can see if you have a first-generation Chromecast, the model that is over a decade old is no longer safe. It will not receive any more security updates and that is a major problem, since if there is a vulnerability they will not correct it. It is very important to protect IoT devices at home and you should not use them without updating either.

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