How their purchase by Talenom will affect Nomo customers

Some days ago, the Spanish hub Nomo made public its purchase by Talenom, a Finnish company listed on the Nordic Nasdaq that hopes to enter the home market for SMEs. Spain is strategic for the company and the Nomo database She found it very attractive.

Thus, Nomo will be the base of the Finnish company’s operations in the Spanish market with the scalable solution that combines software, automation and custom accounting services. For the Spanish company, this operation represents an important recognition of the growth and future potential of the project, which began less than three years ago, by an international reference company such as Talenom. “We are really satisfied and it is an honor to be part of a leading company in the accounting services industry”, they indicated.

Butwhat will happen to Nomo clients? Is what they have contracted going to change anything? «At Nomo we will continue to operate with our brand and independently, without changes in the service we offer to existing customers, with the aim of being leaders in Spain and starting our internationalization… stay tuned for the big news that will come in the coming months! », that’s how blunt its CEO has been, Xavier Capellades, about it.

Based in Barcelona, ​​the team will continue to be led by the same directors and will grow to more than 30 people before the end of this year, incorporating specialist profiles in digital product management, marketing, design, software development and accounting.

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«Our main focus is and will continue to be to make life easier for freelancers and SMEs with a comprehensive and digitized management service that covers all their needs”they have indicated in their blog.

Talenom, the Finnish company that is here to stay

talenom born in Finland in 1972 and offers comprehensive accounting and financial services to the self-employed and SMEs. Their business idea is based on facilitating the daily life of entrepreneurs with the most user-friendly digital tools on the market and highly automated services, which fits perfectly with Nomo. The company has approximately 1,000 employees and combines software development with experience in accounting and finance.

Talenom’s growth track record is very strong: the average annual growth of net sales was 16.2% between 2005-2021. In 2021, it already had 1,012 employees in Finland, Sweden and Spain at a total of 52 locations. The company’s stock is listed on the main Nasdaq Helsinki market.

According to Otto-Pekka Huhtala, CEO of Talenom: «We are really impressed with your innovative solutions and how you focus on the customer experience. I’m very excited with the opportunity to grow together because both teams share a passion for helping small freelancers and businesses«.

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