How to avoid the price increase in DAZN and pay 99.99 euros of annual fee

The sports content platform is preparing a really high price increase. Yes, watching football in Spain is going to be much more expensive than before. Although there is a way avoid the DAZN price increase and maintain the annual fee of 99.99 euros in a completely legal way.

In case you did not know, DAZN has already raised the fee in Germany and Italy, where it has gone from costing 10 euros per month to 30 euros per month. And Spain will join very soon, so the price of watching football is going to rise significantly.

In addition, and to make the situation a little worse, the sports content platform has taken a turn and is going to prohibit the sharing of accounts on DAZN, so the only option will be to checkout. Although, if you are already subscribed to the platform, with the trick that we have discovered, you will be able to avoid this annoying price increase.

How to maintain the annual DAZN fee of 99.99 euros per year

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As you can see in the image at the top of these lines, customers who are about to run out of their annual subscription to DAZN They have begun to receive a notice with the new price increase, which becomes 274.99 euros per year.

Keep in mind that this service has not yet officially announced the dreaded price increase, but it will do so sooner rather than later. So, if you want to continue paying 99.99 euros a year instead of seeing how the fee almost triples, you only have to do one thing: purchase an annual DAZN code.

To say that you have a good number of establishments where you can buy this DAZN prepaid code, although we leave you a purchase link to make things easier for you.

Buy annual DAZN coupon for 99.99 euros

The thing is that, if you currently have a valid subscription, the moment you enter the promotional code and your subscription period expires, the annual coupon that you purchased for 99.99 euros will automatically be activated.


So that you understand it better, we are going to give you an example: Suppose you are a DAZN customer and you have paid the annual fee that will expire in April. You know that, with complete certainty, on that date the rate will have risen to 274.99 euros. Well, if you have redeemed your annual code, when your current subscription ends in April, the code you bought will automatically be activated, which will obviously expire after 12 months..

Just like indicate on the DAZN website «Once the code is entered, a banner will appear at the top of the screen, clicking the yellow button within the banner will take you to the procedure for creating an account, if you don’t already have one, or to the login page , if you are already a subscriber.»

The best of all? What You have 12 months to activate this coupon. As indicated in the conditions of the coupons » DAZN prepaid codes can be spent in a single purchase and can be activated within 12 months of purchase.» However, you should bear in mind that while your DAZN subscription is active through third parties (Google, iTunes Apple) you will not be able to use promo codes.

To activate your code, all you have to do is access this link, and add the code you have purchased. Remember that if you are a new customer on DAZN you will need to open an account. An operator of the company has confirmed this fact, so it is the best way to save yourself some good money if you want to watch football through DAZN without having to renew your subscription at a much higher price.

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