How to buy tickets online safely and avoid scams

What to do to buy tickets online safely

We refer to buying tickets of all kinds, such as to go to a concert, a sporting event, etc. Sometimes we come across pages that offer tickets of this type, but that can be a major problem. They could put our privacy at risk, scam us out of money, infect the computer…

Use official sites

The first piece of advice is to use only official sites. This is very important to have guarantees that the ticket you are going to acquire is safe. Always try to access the official page of that event or that sports entity that you are going to see. Failing that, use reliable channels, such as platforms and guarantee sites.

If you have doubts about whether that page is reliable or not, you can always search for information on the internet. You will be able to see comments from other users, find ratings and, in short, learn more about whether you are buying tickets on a trusted site or not. If you see that there is something strange, it is best not to enter any data and exit.

Do not trust any link you see on the Internet, for example through social networks or third party sites. Sometimes they can use fake pages as bait to sneak in some kind of malware or steal passwords.

Be careful with the information

This point is essential. You must be careful with the information you give on the Internet when buying a ticket. Sometimes they request personal information of all kinds and are not always necessary to make the purchase. That page you use may be exceeding itself when requesting information and that affects your privacy.

Therefore, take a good look at what type of data it is asking for and do not offer more than is necessary. It is not a good idea to send personal information that is not necessary and from there you start receiving constant advertising or you may have problems with your privacy. You could start receiving spam.

Secure payment method

In order to buy the ticket you will have to use some payment method. Here you must take into account the importance of being safe. For example, pay with card or use PayPal is highly recommended on the internet. They are reliable methods, which have guarantees in case a problem arises.

If you are going to pay by card, always make sure that you are in a secure payment gateway. Check that the page is HTTPS, which means that the connection is encrypted and your data will not be exposed, and check that it really is a trustworthy site. Also, always use a good configuration on your card so that it requests a code when paying online.

In case you arrive at a page that you see strange, it is best to exit. For example, if it is a site that has errors, pop-up windows or that does not inspire confidence once you enter the payment process. It could be a scam.

secure records

To be able to buy a ticket online safely, in many cases you will have to register. There you will have to put an e-mail and certain data. Always register safely. Here we must mention the use of strong password. That will be the main barrier that will prevent intruders in your account.

Also, if you do not want to receive advertising from there, a good idea is to use an alternative email. In this way you will avoid exposing your main one and thus avoid receiving Spam emails.

Don’t post the entries

This is a major error and it can expose your security. Many people buy tickets online and post a photo of it on social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram. The problem is that in many cases the code appears to access that event, in addition to even exposing personal data.

Someone could use that photo to impersonate you and get into that event without paying. Once you arrive at the site, it will appear that this entry has already been used. Therefore, do not make such a basic but common mistake as taking a photo at the entrance of a concert or football game and uploading it to the Internet. If you are going to do it, do it covering any code that appears or personal data.

Use prepaid cards

Another important point is how to pay for tickets. exist prepaid cards, which you can top up with the amount you want, and they are very useful for buying online and thus avoiding problems. In case you end up on a fake page, which steals your data, the most that could affect you is the amount you have there. Therefore, if you do not use your main card and use another alternative, you can be more protected.

There are many prepaid or virtual cards. The main banks often allow you to have an additional virtual card for free, which you can use for online purchases. Other cards such as Revolut, Rebellion or Vivid are also interesting to top up and make purchases online.

How to prepare the equipment to buy

But beyond buy a ticket online safely, it is also important that you prepare your equipment to avoid problems. Try to maintain security and thus avoid computer attacks that may affect not only when making a purchase, but in general the operation of the system.

keep everything up to date

Something important is to keep updated the team. In many cases, attackers are going to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system or in any program you use to sneak in a virus. If you install the latest patches and have everything with the latest versions, you will be able to avoid many threats.

In the case of Windows, for example, to update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings and go to Windows Update. There you will see possible files pending to install and also what version you have at that moment.

Update Windows 11

Use a good antivirus

Of course, another key element is to have a good antivirus. This is what will detect threats that may enter your computer. For example, if you mistakenly click on a link and download some file that is actually a virus. This type of program will launch a warning so that you can eliminate it.

There are many programs available, both free and paid. Some options like Avast or Microsoft Defender itself work very well. However, whichever you choose, it is important that you inform yourself and make sure that it works correctly to avoid any problems.

secure applications

You should also keep in mind the importance of using secure applications to buy tickets online. If you are going to use the browser to enter a website to buy them, make sure it is reliable. Options like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are a good idea, but there are many more available.

if you use specific applications to buy tickets online, check that this program is official and has no problem. In case you install maliciously modified software it could seriously compromise your security.

In short, as you can see, it is important to buy tickets online with total security. Always avoid insecure sites, applications that may be dangerous and, most importantly, make mistakes in the purchase process. By following the advice we have given, you can be protected on the Internet.

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