How to change the default search engine on Android?

When configuring an Android smartphone for the first time, it is possible to choose another default search engine than Google. This change can also be done after.

As of September 1, Google will be reviewing the way it offers alternative search engines on Android. Its much-maligned auction system was abandoned for a mechanism based on the popularity of Google’s competitors. Depending on the country, up to twelve proposals will be displayed when the Android smartphone is configured for the first time.

This mechanism, specific to the European Union, allows solutions like Qwant, Bing, Ecosia, Lilo or Yahoo to be promoted and have a chance to become the default search engine on individual smartphones. But you should know that these engines can also be chosen later, well after the first start of Android. To do this, you have to go rummaging in the settings.

Change the default search engine on Android

On Android, you may have a “Search with Google” widget that is visible on the screen. If this title is displayed in the input field, then you must modify this search engine directly in Chrome, Google’s web browser. To do this, launch the mobile application (it is preinstalled on Android), click on the vertical ellipses at the top right and go to “Settings”.

Then, under “Basic Settings”, click on it and choose the solution you prefer. As of June 18, five choices are presented: Google, Yahoo France, Bing, Qwant and Écosia. Once you have made your choice, exit and you will see that the search widget has been updated accordingly, with a new title. It is possible to replace it at any time, by repeating the procedure.

Android search engine
If you mainly use Google Chrome to browse the web, you will need to go to your browser settings to change the default search engine.

It should be noted that this widget is associated with Google Chrome. If you want to change your browser at the same time, go to Google Play and go get the one that suits you. Download and install it. Check that it is set by default, by going to the Android settings, symbolized by a toothed wheel.

In “Settings”, then go to the line “Apps and notifications”, then “Default applications” and finally “Browser”. This is where you can choose between Chrome and Firefox (or whatever solution you choose). Warning: this procedure will not change the browser associated with the Chrome widget. You will need to install the widget corresponding to the web browser you have chosen.

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