How to decorate your house on Halloween with Alexa and other devices

We enter the time of year for ghosts, scares and … candy. Halloween is just around the corner, so if you are thinking of decorating your home with many spooky motifs, the odd scare and a lot of zombie themes, nothing better than using technology to set your home in the most original way. Next, we leave you with some ideas so you can do it.

Create a terrifying atmosphere with lights

The first thing you will have to do to define a good dark environment is to configure adequate lighting so that everything looks more sinister and dark, and for that nothing better than smart lights, since with them you can apply specific Halloween themes that will help you give a very striking touch.

For example, with light bulbs Philips Hue you will be able to download predefined scenes related to Halloween, which will configure your RGB bulbs with tones orange, violet and red. If you do not have this type of bulbs, you can manually configure yours with those colors that we have indicated. in the end it is about achieving a striking atmosphere with the theme colors of the party.

To curl the curl a little more, a proximity sensor will serve to activate the lights and other actions, so if you place one in the home garden or in a strategic place, you can activate the lights so that they turn on just when someone passes out there at that time.

Frights with sounds

Spotify Halloween

Taking advantage of the fact that you can activate sounds with the proximity sensor, you can also launch music lists with thematic songs for the moment. On Spotify you will find many, so you only have to search for Halloween in the search engine to find many ready-made lists.

This is a good time to ask Alexa to play these music lists, although you can also request other things related to Halloween. And it is that the Amazon assistant has some surprises in store for the party of the deceased, since you can ask him and request related things.

Alexa as master of ceremonies

To take full advantage of the wizard’s capabilities, one thing you can do is install new Skills related to the theme. To do this, you just have to go to the Skills section of the Alexa application on your mobile phone and search for the word Halloween to get all the results.

One of the Skills that gives the best results is “Halloween Sounds”, which return a large number of sounds and special effects with which to set the house with a simple Alexa command. To make it easier for you, you could schedule a routine for Alexa to open the Halloween Sounds skill at a specific time or at dusk.

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