How to delete my Netflix history?

It is possible to delete the history of videos seen on Netflix, in order to modify the Netflix content recommendation algorithm or to simply eject a work that you really did not like. This guide shows you the steps to follow to remove content that you no longer want associated with your profile.

Like browsers, subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services have an option to clear its history. If you don’t want a loved one knowing what movies and TV shows you’re watching, and how often, know that Netflix also provides a virtual broom to clear out any works you want to hide. However, the option is not highlighted and you have to dive into the site settings to find it.

Perhaps you have already tried to clean up your history, but could not find the appropriate options. Knowing where these settings are, however, is very useful for at least three reasons:

  • you don’t feel like showing your loved ones that you’ve watched a movie or TV series that could be a source of jokes on their part. Intimacy, even in cultural matters, matters;
  • Or you want to refine the suggestions of the SVOD service by ejecting content that does not suit your tastes. You may have seen Twilight Where Marseilles, but you may not want to be offered the same thing;
  • or you want people to stop advising you to resume playing a video you don’t want to finish. After all, you fumble around a lot on a SVOD site before you find something you like.

And it can even be a bit of all of that at the same time.

Delete your Netflix history

Access Netflix first, through your account.
  • Meeting on the Netflix site from your web browser ;
  • Select your profile, which is certainly the one you want to clean;
  • Place your mouse over your avatar icon at the top right of the screen;
  • Click on “Account” in the drop-down menu, then go down to the “Profiles and parental controls” section ;
  • Open the section about you and click on “History” ;
  • On the new page, do the housework as you wish, by clicking on the crossed out circle for the contents to be deleted.
Then select the profile on which you want to work.
Then choose the section dedicated to the history.

You can even go to the bottom of the page and click “Hide All”. When you hide content, Netflix warns you that ” within 24 hours, [l’œuvre] will no longer be among the titles you watched on the Netflix service and will no longer be used to recommend content to you unless you watch that title again “.

This last option should, however, be handled sparingly:The SVOD platform also uses your content history to offer you related works, which are likely to please you if you have seen and enjoyed the previous ones. If you take it all out, Netflix will have a harder time understanding your cultural tastes and its suggestions will actually be less precise.

We can understand that you wanted to eject Twilight Where Marseilles of your history, so that you no longer have similar recommendations. But be careful not to have too heavy a hand. Conversely, you can also start on a whole new basis, by bursting the filter bubble you were in. Because it is one of the shortcomings of selection algorithms: they are not fanciful.

The list of works seen is then displayed, with the most recent in the lead. You can delete movies or episodes in a targeted way, or remove them all at once.
Whenever you request to hide a work, Netflix gives you a period of a few hours in case you change your mind.

(subject updated on August 26, 2020)

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Article originally published on June 22, 2016 and updated on August 17, 2021

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