This backpack will always tell you where it is so you don’t lose it

A backpack that is not lost

The solution proposed by Hyper is quite interesting as well as ingenious. It is a model called HyperPack Proand it is a medium-sized backpack that includes a location screen compatible with the Apple Find My system. This allows you to have the location of the suitcase in a very precise way thanks to the network of Apple devices, since, even if you are kilometers away from your backpack, if there is an iPhone nearby it will receive the signal and broadcast the location so that the registered account have the valuable information.

The moment you separate from it, a notification will appear on your iOS device, and if you can’t find it, but you know it’s close, you can command it to emit a loud beep to attract attention.

Does it work the same as if we used an AirTag?

Yes, the function is exactly the same, and here the only difference is that the tracking device is integrated in the backpack, so it is not possible to remove it. And yes, its internal battery will also run out over time, but you can change it without problems. The average autonomy is between 250 and 300 days of use, so once a year you will have to replace it.

Perfect for carrying a laptop

HyperPack Pro backpack

In addition to offering the possibility of transmitting its location, the backpack also performs the classic functions of a backpack, if nothing else. Among the different pockets that it offers, we have hole for a 16-inch laptopa side pocket for 1-liter bottles, a quick-access front pocket, and a hidden lumbar pocket to carry documents and important things.

It has a system of air chambers that cushions the load on our back, and allows us to maintain a much more suitable posture to avoid injuries. It also hides a side pocket to charge devices, although this will require an external battery that is not included in the backpack.

Some security elements are also included, such as the pocket with RFID protection and lockable zippers that will prevent a thief from quickly opening them when you least expect it.

Where can you buy?

The product has been advertised in an Indiegogo campaign, and is seeking funding (and interest) from users. Its official price will be 200 dollars, but right now it is possible to reserve it for only 100 dollars thanks to the 50% discount that the first 84 buyers will be able to get.

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