How to get 3 months of Stadia Pro for free with a simple registration

Try Google Stadia Pro for free

The promotion seeks to offer users the opportunity to try the game streaming service completely free of charge. Let’s remember that Stadia Pro is capable of offering streaming in 4K format and all these advantages:

  • 4K resolution
  • Graphics with high dynamic range (HDR)
  • Sound 5.1
  • Get free games every month
  • Enjoy exclusive offers

All these characteristics can be achieved as long as the device from which we are connected to the service is compatible with all functions, of course.

The game of offering Stadia Pro for free for 3 months obviously hides the classic game of phantom subscriptions, since, once the trial period has passed, if you do not order the cancellation of the service, the next month of use will be charged. . You will only have to remember in time to be able to cancel the account in the event that it does not interest you.

What do you need?

YouTube Premium

To qualify for the new promotion you need to meet a key requirement, and that is that you will need to have a YouTube Premium account to be able to activate the three months of Stadia Pro. The good news is that as indicated in the promotion rules, the YouTube Premium account can also be a trial, so in any case you will not have to pay anything if what you are looking for is to try the three months of the service.

If you are convinced to try Stadia Pro, visit the YouTube Premium website and request the three-month trial if you do not have a Premium account, although first you should try to directly request the trial period on the Stadia website, Since if you have a Google One subscription you will get the three-month trial of the service without complicating yourself too much.

In the event that you cannot obtain the three months by the quick method, you will have to try registering for YouTube Premium, and to do so you just have to visit the following link.

It is important to mention that, if you have already enjoyed a Stadia Pro trial period before, you will not be able to request any type of promotion again, so if you did it before, we regret to tell you that your trial period has ended forever. Of course, no one prevents you from opening a new Youube Premium account and from there ask for the three months of Stadia Pro. Made the law, made the trap.

Be careful with the dates

The only issue that you should take into account is that once the three months of testing have passed, they will charge you for the service (Stadia and Youtube Premium if you activated both options), so do not forget to set an alarm so that they will not happen to you an unexpected receipt.

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