How to get more out of your streaming service with faster internet speeds

If you want to watch your favorite TV show or movie, there are several streaming options that are available. However, you might notice the dreadful buffering right in the middle of your favorite scene. This can be quite frustrating, but there are some ways around the issue.


The first thing to look at is the speed that you need for utilizing streaming services. The recommendation from most streaming services is 1.5 Mb. Since this is only the recommendation, you’ll probably need a higher speed if you don’t want to deal with buffering or slow initial loading of shows and movies. You should also keep in mind that this speed is for the standard service that you’ll get. It’s not for HD or Ultra HD as the speed recommended for these ranges from 5 MB to 25 MB. With the speeds in place, there are ways that you can put a stop to the buffering that you see that sometimes won’t stop unless you start the show over.


There are likely several things that are connected to your wireless internet in your home, such as your mobile phone or tablet. As more devices are connected, it takes up more bandwidth, which then makes it difficult for streaming services to keep up with the demand. There are items that you can purchase that can increase your bandwidth so that there’s more to go around for everyone in your home.

Router Placement

Your internet signal could be inhibited by walls, furniture, and other objects. Consider moving your router to an area of your home so that there are no obstructions. You should also avoid putting your router near electronics as they could interfere with the signal. Try to find a central location in your home so that it reaches as many areas as possible.


If you tend to have a lot of apps running at one time, they can interfere with the overall broadband speed, which can then result in buffering when you’re using TV streaming services. Close as many apps as you can that you’re not using, even those that you don’t think are still open. You should also try to remove downloads and pictures that you no longer need as this can free up space on your device. Although it’s a small step, it can sometimes help increase your speed since your device isn’t as cluttered.

Ethernet Cords

Instead of relying on a wireless connection, consider connecting your device with an Ethernet cord. This can help to decrease any interference that’s sometimes seen with wireless connections since there’s a direct line to the internet source. Keep in mind that your router needs to be in a location that makes it easy to connect an Ethernet cord instead of behind a table or high on a shelf. A powerline adapter is similar and plugs into your router. The Ethernet cord then plugs into this device.


An option to consider is switching to a different provider. Some providers are able to offer faster speeds because of the equipment that they have access to compared to smaller companies that might not have equipment that’s as advanced. Look at the advertised speed as what you get likely won’t be that fast, which means that you want to try to find a provider that advertises higher speeds up front.

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