This new threat steals your passwords without you realizing it

One of the main goals of hackers is password theft. It is the main security barrier we have to prevent unwanted access to social network accounts, email or banks and that makes attackers look for ways to steal them. In this article we echo a new threat that is capable of steal passwords without the victim realizing it. We will explain what to do to avoid it.

Racoon Stealer returns with more force

It is a new version of Raccoon Stealer, a malware that has been very popular among the Dark Web forums for password theft. It now offers hackers certain new features that make them more capable and make it easier to steal keys.

We are before a Maas or malware as a service. It basically means that someone can buy this malware from the hidden forums on the Internet and start using it. It does not necessarily have to be someone with extensive computer knowledge.

According to Sekoia security researchers, Raccoon Stealer 2.0 It has been developed from scratch using C/C++. It has enhanced code to be able to steal credentials and other personal data from the victim. It is a fairly complete malware in terms of the type of data it can steal. We can name the following:

  • Passwords, cookies and card data saved in the browser
  • System information
  • Files saved on the computer
  • take screenshots
  • installed programs

But it has an important peculiarity when compared to other malware versions of this type: it is able to send data to the server controlled by cybercriminals as soon as it steals something. This leaves the victim with less leeway, as they might not know that their password has been stolen and the attacker could be using it at the time.

How to avoid this threat

This type of malware usually arrives via fake files that reach us by e-mail, when downloading something from the Internet or after entering a website that is actually a scam. Avoiding this problem is as simple as keeping the common sense and don’t make mistakes. For example, you should never download an attachment that arrives in the mail without really knowing what it is and who may be behind it. It is also a mistake to install programs from unofficial sources.

In addition, another tip to avoid this type of threat is to always have a good security program. Having an antivirus is essential to be protected and detect malicious software and thus be able to eliminate it before it begins to act. You should always protect data on the network and security software will help you.

On the other hand, having the updated equipment It will also be useful to avoid problems. Vulnerabilities may arise that are exploited by hackers. But those bugs are fixed by patches and updates. Therefore, it is always necessary to update the operating system, programs or drivers.

In short, as you can see, we are facing a new threat that is capable of stealing passwords and all kinds of data. It is essential to be protected and thus avoid problems that compromise our privacy on the network.

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