How to make money as a CPA affiliate for beginners

Affiliate programs are a very interesting way to make money, but at the same time, they’re not the easiest or the most extensive and have a lot of nuances. In this article we will try to understand what affiliate programs such as Vulkan Vegas affiliates are, what kinds of them there are and where to find them.

The main pitfalls of CPA affiliate     

Before you start working in affiliate programs, you need to know and understand: what is CPA affiliate network, how the whole system is arranged, how to get started correctly, what offer to choose. Of course, if you don’t have a promoted website, blog or community in a social network, your efforts in promoting affiliate networks might not pay off.

How does CPA work?

In marketing, advertising is always used to promote products and services. The owner of the product chooses a site or several and places an advertisement. Advertising can be paid for

  • clicks;
  • displays;
  • transitions.

But not always visitors to the site with the goods are targeted, ready to take the action the advertiser wants. Therefore, advertising costs in this case are quite high.

CPA-network works a little differently, although it is also used to advertise goods and services. At this exchange, in each transaction there are three parties:

  • advertiser;
  • site owner;
  • exchange itself.

The SRA platform acts as an intermediary in each transaction and receives a percentage of remuneration. The advertiser orders and pays for the number of visitors who completed the desired action.

The owner of the advertising platform advertises his affiliate link and drives traffic to the advertiser’s site. He gets paid only for the number of actions performed by the targeted visitors.

To make this scheme work, exchanger monitors all the statistics for each affiliate link. As soon as the terms of agreement with the site owner will be fulfilled, all statistics are transferred to the advertiser. After verification of data validity, the advertiser pays the full amount of services exchanger.

CPA-network pays the owner of the site of his remuneration. That is, directly the two parties involved in the transaction do not work. The exchange acts as an intermediary.

How to earn in the CPA?

If you already have an excellent resource for advertising, it is easy enough to earn in the CPA-network. You must be registered in the Vulkanbet affiliate program, be sure to provide a link to the site. This can be

  • website;
  • blog;
  • link in a social network.

Be prepared for the link to the site to be checked. This will take some time.

You can choose the right offer to work with. It is important not to get lost among the masses of proposals, but to choose the most profitable. To do this, you need to decide on the subject. Choose one that you want to work with. It should attract its target audience. After that, write out all the offers in the chosen for site subjects

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