How to prevent the skin of your headphones from peeling and spoiling

Even though the faux leather headphones They have several advantages compared to those made of cloth, their main disadvantage is that if you do not take care of them, that skin will end up peeling and spoiling, leaving the headphones unusable until you change the earmuffs. If you want to avoid having to get to that, in this article we are going to tell you what are the care you should perform to avoid that the skin of the headphones ends up spoiling.

Of course, and before going into detail with the maintenance that you should carry out on the headphones to keep them in good condition, it goes without saying that periodic cleaning is essential, and this is something inherent whether they are made of leather or cloth, since it contributes to greatly increase their longevity and that they are always in good condition.

This is how you should take care of the skin of your headphones

The leather on the earphones is 99.9% of the time synthetic leather, which means that it does not have the same resistance as genuine leather (which, by the way, needs even more care to stay in good condition). Although it is something quite obvious, the first thing that we will advise you is that although most of the earmuffs of the headphones can be disassembled, do not put them in the washing machine since that will irreparably damage the material (if they are made of fabric, they can be put in the washing machine). washing machine, but with cold water washes, yes).

That said, the second factor to be careful about is not exposing your skin to excessive heat: this means don’t leave your headphones near a radiator, and in fact if you have them hanging in your PC case, avoid letting it be in a hot air outlet grill. In short, heat can damage the skin that covers the pads in the long term, so it should be avoided whenever possible.

On the other hand, and especially in summer and/or in environments where it is very hot, you must be careful with sweating, since the liquids will also damage the synthetic leather. If you have no choice but to wear them in the summer and you sweat while doing so, try not to wear them for long periods of time, at least without drying them with a clean, dry cloth (i.e. periodically remove the sweat so they don’t stay wet for long). .

Similarly, whether you wear glasses or wear earrings, you should be especially careful when putting them on and taking them off (the same if you put on and take off your glasses with headphones on) since rubbing and sharp areas can damage the fur; always try to lift the earmuffs or remove the headphones before putting on or taking off your glasses, and if you wear earrings try not to put the headphones on by “dragging” them over your face, but gently placing the earmuffs over your ears.

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One more tip in this regard: try to use the headphones in the way they have been designed… it is very common to see users wearing the headphones over a cap, a hat, or as you can see in the image above, over their hair; If you do this, you will be wearing out the skin of the headphones unnecessarily and it will last less time in good condition (besides, you will be spoiling the listening experience no matter how well you think they stay put like that).

Finally, and to maximize the useful life of your synthetic leather headphones, it is recommended that from time to time (depending on use, once a year is a reasonable period) you moisturize the leather to prevent it from drying out and cracking. For this you can use leather conditioner, horse fat or in general any product to moisturize leather (it is the same as you would use for a leather jacket or boots).

Below we leave you the product that we ourselves use for this and that we know works well, in case you want to buy it… it’s quite cheap, it works well and it also works for any type of leather or synthetic leather, so it doesn’t hurt always have a boat at home.

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