How To Turn Off Video Autoplay In Microsoft Store

Video autoplay is a feature that is pretty useful nowadays especially when you are browsing the Internet and it automatically plays the videos that you are watching. But if you find it too annoying, you can easily disable this feature on Microsoft Store.

I’ve recently been testing out the new Microsoft Store where I’ve noticed that some videos have started autoplay on boot, without my knowledge or permission. So, I’ve decided to share my experience with you, so that you can see how to turn this setting off.

When you’re watching video on your phone or computer, it can be annoying to have to manually pause the video player every time you want to do something else on your phone. On top of that, video players automatically start playing videos without your permission, which can often leave you frustrated. Video autoplaying in Microsoft Store is a common annoyance. But, there’s a way to turn it off.. Read more about how to stop videos from automatically playing chrome windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Microsoft Store offers a variety of applications from which you can easily download and install the ones you need. One option that can be a little annoying, however, is auto-playing videos. When you open the store, some apps may show trailers and previews, and videos may play by themselves because auto-play is enabled by default. Is there any way to prevent this? The answer is yes, and we will share with you a quick and easy guide with all the necessary steps, so read on. Let’s see how you can disable automatic video playback in Microsoft Store. See also: To unsubscribe from the Google Play Store

Disable automatic video playback in Microsoft Store

As mentioned earlier, some applications and games can play videos automatically. If this bothers you, you can turn it off. The steps to achieve this are quite simple and are listed below:

  • Open Microsoft Store on your computer
  • Then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The menu is displayed. Click on Settings
  • If you go to settings, you will see Auto Play Video under the options.
  • Press the switch below the option to turn it off.
  • The button changes from blue to grey

That’s it. This feature is now disabled and videos will no longer play independently. If you change your mind and want to re-enable this option, go back to the Microsoft Store settings and click the button under the auto-play video option.Microsoft Store’s video autoplay feature is one of the more frustrating ones that comes with Windows 10. If you use the service to watch videos on the web, the autoplay can be annoying for those who do not want their videos to automatically start playing while they scroll down the page. If you use Microsoft store for Windows 10 to download apps, the autoplay feature can be even more annoying when you are trying to install an app.. Read more about change network from public to private and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop videos from automatically playing in Windows 10?

Windows 10 introduced the ability for users to play videos in the Windows Store, and it’s a great feature. However, it’s not without fault, as users complain that their videos can start playing at random. Moreover, they have even been known to interrupt a presentation, or even your day-to-day tasks. To prevent this from happening, per the Microsoft Store FAQ, users need to go to Settings > Apps > Videos, and disable “Autoplay.” It’s a good thing that Windows 10 keeps tabs on our usage habits to ensure that we’ll never completely waste away in front of a computer screen. But, it’s also a good thing that Windows 10 keeps tabs on our usage habits to ensure that we’ll never completely waste away in front of a computer screen. But, it’s also a good thing that Windows 10 keeps tabs on our usage habits, because if it didn’t, you’d probably just end up wasting away in front of the computer screen.

Can I stop videos from automatically playing?

Video autoplay is a common issue on Android devices, and it can be really annoying. While it’s great when you’re watching a YouTube video, it’s a big pain when you’re trying to watch something else. If you’ve ever watched a video on your Windows 10 device and had it start playing automatically, you’ve probably wanted to stop that from happening. This is an increasingly common problem for the growing number of Windows 10 users, especially since Microsoft added the feature to the Microsoft Store. The good news is that you can turn off the autoplay for videos in the Windows 10 Store.

How do I stop Microsoft store from opening automatically?

If you use the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 or Microsoft Edge browser, then you may have noticed that that the app will open when you visit certain websites. These include Amazon, Google, and many others. You can easily turn off this feature by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the app. Microsoft has taken a marketing punch at Apple with its new Windows 10 operating system, but you can turn off autoplay in the Windows Store. As the company announced at its Build developers conference in May, the Windows Store will feature a new type of ads in the form of videos that play automatically as a user browses. These videos, which can be anything from a full-length movie trailer to a 30 second introduction that plays as a user downloads an app, aren’t new for Microsoft, but the company said it wanted to make the Windows Store a more engaging experience for users.

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