How to turn off Windows Updates with Win Update Stop

Through the Windows operating system itself, you can disable operating system updatesHowever, starting with the latest version of Windows 11 22H2, the operating system will resume these updates again if you have been disabled for a while. With programs like win update stopyou will not have this problem, since it will take care of everything.

Main features

This program will allow you to manually disable or enable automatic Windows operating system updates. It is very possible that you want completely stop updates when you use your PC for games, video conferences or while you work, with the aim that the download of the updates does not consume bandwidth, and that their installation does not slow down the computer you are using. Although Windows updates are very important to keep up with the latest news from Microsoft, and also to update any security issues they have found, always it starts updating when we least expect it.

A very important aspect is that, on many occasions, Microsoft updates cause a malfunction in the system, so it is not recommended to be the first to install them, but to do so when many more people have tried them. With the Win Update Stop program we have the possibility to block these updates, and re-enable them whenever we want.

This program is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to the latest Windows 11 operating system. In the case of the latest versions of Windows that resume updates automatically, this program is also in charge of blocking this resumption, so that we always have them disabled. A very important feature that this program allows us to do is that we can disable Windows updates, but keep Windows Defender updates, in order to have the latest virus database updates and be protected. Of course, this program has a low consumption of resources, since it only occupies about 50MB of RAM memory and the use of the processor is minimal.

This program Win Update Stop is paidthe standard version is $8.99 per year for one device, although there are discounts if you buy two or more licenses. In the case of the “Enterprise” version, worth $12.99 per yearbut if you buy two or more licenses you will also have significant discounts.

In the case of acquiring the version «business» of this tool, we have the possibility of simplify the management of multiple computers from a single site. In this way, we can automatically update the Win Update Stop settings from a URL, to disable or enable updates to any computer. Of course, this program is digitally signed by the company, so that we can install the program without any problem and verify that the program has not been tampered with by third parties.

Installation and commissioning

The first thing we should do is go to the official website of win update stop and download the program, we must take into account that the download is completely free, and during the first 30 days its use is also totally free. After this time, it will ask us for the license key to activate the software. We have the possibility to download both the “Standard” version and the “Enterprise” version.

The installation of this program is like any other on Windows systems, we must accept the agreement, read the information and change log, and proceed with the installation on our computer. After a few seconds, we will already have the program installed and we can run it directly from this installation wizard.

In the Win Update Stop main menu, we can see a total of three buttons:

  • Enable: Enable updates if they are disabled.
  • Disable: Disable updates if they are enabled.
  • Open Windows Updates: Will open the Windows Update menu to view the status of updates.

In addition, at all times we can see if the updates are enabled or not from this menu, the program is very simple but effective.

If we click on «System tools» we have shortcuts to different menus of the Windows operating system. From here we can open Windows Updates, Registry Editor, System Information, Windows Firewall, Disk Cleanup Tool, Windows Services, Task Manager, Windows Features and also UAC settings. of the system.

In the section of “settings» we have the possibility to go to the section «preferences» of the program, to make some adjustments before disabling the updates. We can also export the current configuration, import a previously exported configuration, as well as restore all configurations.

In the “Preferences” section we have very important configuration options that you should assess:

  • Keep Microsoft Defender up to date while automatic updates are turned off. You should always activate this option, to keep the Microsoft antivirus always updated and to protect us against different threats. By default this option is disabled.
  • Block Windows Update Assistant while updates are disabled. This option is activated by default, we recommend leaving it like this.
  • Use a more aggressive method to disable Windows Updates. If for some reason Windows updates have not been turned off, you can enable this option and try again.
  • Block internet connections from Windows Updates. Enable this option only if the previous one has not worked, depending on how your system is configured or new updates, you will have to activate this option or not.

The rest of the options are related to updating the program and also the “Enterprise” features that we have mentioned before.

If we disable Windows updates, the notice will appear in the main menu, as you can see here:

Without a doubt, what we liked the most about this program is its ease of use, and that is that we simply have three buttons on the main menu, and its use is really simple, suitable for anyone.


This Win Update Stop program is The easiest way to enable and disable Windows UpdatesFurthermore, a very important feature is that it allows us to stick with Microsoft Defender updates without any problem, so that you can continue to enjoy the latest antivirus updates so as not to have security problems on your computer.

The highlight of this software is the ease with which we can activate or deactivate updates, we simply have two buttons to do this action. Another important aspect that we must assess is that we have different ways of blocking, in case the default does not work. In some cases it is possible that the updates continue to work, for this reason, we have up to two additional configuration options to stop them.

If you manage dozens of computers, you may be interested in purchasing the “Enterprise” version with the aim of not updating the computers and managing the switching on and off of the updates centrally. For example, if you have a training center with many computers, you may be interested in this to prevent all the PCs from updating simultaneously and collapsing the local network, as well as interrupting the normal use of the computer.

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