Which country should you connect your VPN to?

Choosing the country of the VPN is important

On the Internet you can find a wide range of VPN options. Some are free and others are paid. There may be important differences between choosing one or the other, since the connection may work better, be more secure or actually serve to avoid geo-blocking that may exist. And that’s where the servers come into play especially.

Keep in mind that on certain occasions we will have no choice but to connect to a specific country. For example, if you are on vacation in another country and you need to watch a streaming video platform that only works in Spain, you will have to connect to a VPN with servers in Spain. Otherwise you would not be able to see the content.

Now, if you don’t need something so punctual, but simply browse the Internet safely or avoid censorship that may exist in a country, the interesting thing is that you connect to nearby servers. For example, if you are in China and want to access platforms like Google or Facebook that are restricted, it is best to connect to a VPN that has servers in Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan. this way it will go faster connection and you will have fewer problems than if you connect, for example, to a VPN from Spain or the United States from there.

Security and privacy may vary

We have explained that to achieve a good connection speed and quality, the important thing is to choose a VPN that is close to where we are. For example a neighboring country or at least the same geographical region. But we must also bear in mind the importance of security and privacy and here there may be important differences.

From our environment we can say that a good country to connect a VPN is Swiss. This is a nation that treats personal data very well, values ​​privacy and has no restrictive online laws. It will not spy on what you do on the Internet, nor will you have limitations when using this type of platform.

Something similar happens in the European Union, which has laws that protect the privacy of users. If you connect to a VPN from Spain, France or any EU country, it is a good idea when you are in a nation where Internet rights are not protected and you may have problems.

The United States or Canada are good options too. Regarding Asia, Malaysia It is a good option, since it has laws that protect the interests of Internet users. Also Japan either South Korea are alternatives to consider.

In short, as you have seen beyond choosing a good application and avoiding insecure VPNs, it is also important to choose well which country to connect to. This will allow for better speed and quality, as well as protect privacy.

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