How to watch TikTok through Fire TV on TV

TikTok is now available for Android TV . This new launch brings all the content of the Chinese social network to the big screen. Among its main functions we find the ability to follow other users, report content and visit profiles. It seems that the developers have not settled for launching a simple video viewer, but have created a complete client for their service.

The fact that it is available in the Google Play Store for Android TV, greatly simplifies its obtaining in multimedia players and smart televisions. But what about the Fire TV? Although TikTok is not currently available in the Amazon app store, can be installed relatively easily . After all, the heart of Amazon devices is Android. Do you want to know how to enjoy TikTok on TV if you have a Fire TV? So, you can’t miss this guide.

How to install TikTok on a Fire TV

The process that We show you below has been made from a Fire TV Sitck . However, it is compatible with the rest of the range, such as the Fire TV Cube or the 4K version. The first step you must take is to download and install Downloader, a tool that allows downloading files from the network to the Fire TV. In that case, you just have to go to the search area and write its name.

Once you are in the Downloader tab, in the application store, start its download and installation.

When done, you just have to press the Open to run it. Of course, it will also be available on the home screen, that is, in the application launcher.

The Downloader interface is simple. On the main screen, you will see a text field that can be used to access any URL. It also allows you to search the Internet.

In In this case, use the phrase “TikTok for Android TV apkmirror” to locate the required resource and thus download the TikTok APK.

Select the result you see in the image below. It is important that you go to APK Mirror and not to another repository. From there you can safely download TikTok for Android TV.

Scroll down until you find the Download APK button.

The download will start immediately and, when finished, the installation will begin. Simply select Install to start the process.

When finished, TikTok will already be installed on your Fire TV.

How to use TikTok for Android TV on Fire TV

Using TikTok on Fire TV does not present major complications. On the main screen, select whether you want to view content or log in.

To navigate through the content, use the directional buttons on the controller.

You can log in at any time. In fact, it is very easy to do it with the QR code that appears on the screen.

The options available when viewing content are the usual ones: Like button, comments, the indication that you are not interested, etc.

The profile view includes the button Follow and all the content that the user has uploaded to the social network.

We must warn you that, although the general operation is very good, We have run into some bugs . For example, when displaying the menu of additional options while watching a video, it is impossible to close it and go back. At that point, the back button on the Fire TV remote stops responding. We have also had specific problems when it comes to playing content. However, we cannot guarantee that they are problems derived from the use of TikTok on Fire TV. Rather, they seem like the typical bugs of the first versions of an application that, little by little, should be solved.

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