HP and Teradici Introduce HP Anyware Secure Digital Desktop Solution

Last summer HP bought Teradici, which officially became part of the former a few months later. And the first solution resulting from this operation did not take long to arrive. Is about HP Anywarea software for companies with which the employees of an organization will have secure access to your digital workspaces from practically any configuration infrastructure and on any device.

HP Anyware integrates the functions Teradici CAS and ZCentral Remote boostcombined in a single solution, allowing your users to have a single tool to take advantage of the possibilities offered by their cloud, data center, edge systems, operating system or workstation infrastructure to optimize the experience of users who use a PC, a Mac computer, a laptop, a tablet or a thin client system from anywhere when they need to get their work done.

This solution leverages the PCoIP protocol to send highly interactive desktop displays between hosts and devices used by end users, which they do via pixel-by-pixel streaming. In this way, the company’s assets can remain safe and stored locally or in any public cloud, complying with the standards and regulations of the sector.

With HP Anyware, businesses have the flexibility to support any server—from stand-alone or virtualized desktops and workstations to on-premises data centers, cloud, multicloud, edge, or hybrid environments. Whether they have Windows, Linux or MacOS as their operating system.

It is also compatible with any device the end user has running Windows, Linux, MacOS, Chrome OS; iOS or Android. Additionally, traffic between systems and devices will be secure, as PCoIP traffic is secured using AES 256 encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Its screen sharing feature allows third parties to join a work session and collaborate in real time. It is compatible with USB webcams, which makes it easy to use video conferencing applications, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It also supports 4K and UHD through multi-monitor support, making it easy for users to have a work experience without distortion or color loss. And it integrates adaptive encoders, which automatically deliver the best possible experience under changing network conditions.

HP Anyware supports a wide range of peripherals with low-latency performance, including Wacom card readers, game console controllers, 3D mice, and digital tablets. It will be available throughout this coming summer.

Ziad Lammam, Teradici Product Management Manager at HPhighlights that «HP Anyware gives CIOs the flexibility they need to extend secure access to digital workspaces, wherever workers want to be, with a superior user experience that is very similar to what they have when they are in the office. office. IT teams can future-proof their infrastructure now with new features like high-performance collaboration between staff members and access to MacOS environments in the hybrid cloud, with more key features coming soon, like enhanced security with zero trust architectures«.

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