HPE will open a factory in the Czech Republic dedicated to HPC and AI

HPE has confirmed that will open a plant in the Czech Republic. Will be dedicated to the manufacture of high-performance computing systems, and also to the new generation Artificial Intelligence. The new plant will aim to make it easier for HPE to deliver devices and systems to customers, as well as strengthen the vendor ecosystem in the area.

This factory will be HPE’s fourth in the world dedicated to advanced computing, and will be located in the Czech town of Kutná Hora, next to HPE’s headquarters in the country, a point where it already manufactures servers and storage solutions standard. The construction works of the facilities will begin this coming June 2022.

The choice of a European country to build this plant is not accidental, since HPE has a long history in Artificial Intelligence and high-performance computing in Europe. This trajectory is focused on promoting national initiatives to promote the generation of value derived from data in advanced scientific research. Particularly those that are critical to global problem solving that address far-reaching issues, such as forecasting and preparing for extreme weather events. Also the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, sustainability and the improvement of food safety.

In addition, the opening of this plant seeks to promote the desire in Europe to achieve digital sovereignty, since to achieve it it is necessary for the region to gain access to new generation technologies based on data, and new capacities for innovation of the Artificial intelligence.

When it becomes operational, the factory will be responsible for the development and distribution of two product lines. On the one hand, systems HPE Apollodesigned for HPC and AI applications that consume a large number of resources and for the modeling and training of Artificial Intelligence.

Another of the product lines that will be dealt with in the Czech plant will be that of supercomputers HPE Cray EX, intended for next-generation supercomputing. The factory has also been designed to meet the manufacturing requirements for HPE HPC and AI systems with liquid cooling, a well-suited cooling option for high-performance systems.

In order to have this capacity, the floors of the factory will be reinforced. In this way they will be able to support the weight of the HPE Cray EX supercomputers, which can weigh up to 3,628 kilos per cabinet. The plant will also have a water circuit between the supercomputers and the factory roof, with which the company will help cool the hot water.

Justin Hotard, Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI at HPEhas recalled that «cWhen European organizations embrace next-generation supercomputing, they gain a powerful foundation to harness the opportunities of exponential data growth to accelerate scientific discovery, strengthen digital sovereignty, and unlock innovations to deliver greater economic value.«.

In addition, Hotard has underlined that «HPE is committed to continuing to support Europe in this effort and our new HPC factory in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic represents a more than significant investment in the area, among our other R&D initiatives, that we have carried out in Europe. We are now able to manufacture the industry’s leading supercomputing, HPC and AI systems, while increasing supply chain viability and resiliency«.

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