I don’t like Windows 11, what happens if I don’t update?

Whenever a Windows update appears, there are always some people who prefer to stick with an older version of Windows or simply their PC does not meet the demands of the new one. That is why all those users who do not want or will not be able to update to Windows 11, may have some doubts about what will happen if they stay on Windows 10.

Is it mandatory to update?

Although Windows 11 will arrive this coming fall and will be gratuitous For all those users who have an active Windows 10 license, the truth is that it is most likely that it will not be mandatory to update immediately. We will surely be able to reject or postpone any offer from Microsoft to update our system, especially if our PC does not meet the minimum requirements, since in this case it will not be possible to even start the Windows Update update process.

Also, once Windows 11 is released on October 5, this not going to suppose At no time does Windows 10 stop working since we can continue using it as it has been up to now. What is possible is that, if we reject the update, we will see continuous pop-up reminders requesting that we update, except, of course, that our computer does not support it.

It is possible to continue using Windows 10

So that we can continue to use Windows 10 in complete safety, Microsoft announced that it would continue to support and give support until October 14, 2025. This means that we will receive four years of security updates, which guarantees that we can continue to work safely from it. So, as up to now, Microsoft will continue to implement feature and quality updates to further improve our experience. In addition, as it should not force us to change, we can be sure that the change from one operating system to another will be completely at our choice.

In fact, the second major update of the year is also expected for October, the 21H2, with which Microsoft could offer an even smoother Windows 10 experience for all those users who decide to continue making the most of it.

Even if you don’t want to, is it advisable to update?

This is a very personal decision for each user. As long as Windows 10 continues to have support, we can continue using it if we wish without having to update to Windows 11 with all the guarantees. It can be said that we have four years ahead to decide to take the step when it suits us best, and for now, the update will continue to be free.

In addition, if our PC is in good condition, but does not meet the minimum requirements of the new operating system, surely it is not worth changing it for it either. Perhaps we could think long-term, and save for the next four years so that when we have the new computer it already incorporates Windows 11 or we can install it.

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