Prevent Chrome from opening old tabs and websites

We will not find this problem using other browsers such as Firefox, a browser that is not based on Chromium, like Safari, the Apple browser, although it has not had a version for Windows for more than a decade.

Beyond the possible functionality that Google creates that this function has, what it does serve is to slow down the time it takes for the browser to be operational since we run it until we can open a new tab and enter the URL of the web we want visit or do a search on the internet with the default search engine in the browser.

how can i disable it

To modify this feature, we need to change the way Chrome launches the browser. Every time we start the browser we can, Chrome allows us to perform one of these three actions:

  • Open the New Tab page.
  • Open everything as it was before closing.
  • Open a specific page or a set of pages.

If we do not want the tabs that we had open in the previous browsing session to open, and we want a new blank tab to open, we must select the first option Open the New Tab page unchecking the box Open everything as it was before closing, the default option of Chrome when we installed it on our computer.

To modify how Chrome works every time we start it, we must, first of all, access the Chrome configuration options, click on the three vertical points located in the upper right corner of the application and click on Settings. Within the configuration options, click on the When opening section and select the Open the New Tab page option.

By selecting this option, a blank tab will be displayed every time we run Chrome, reducing the loading time from when we click on its icon until the browser is operational.

Alternatives to this function

If we are among the small group of users who, if they see a possible use for this functionality, but who just like how it is implemented, we can opt for one of the available alternatives to this function that we show you below.

Close tabs manually

If we do not want to deactivate this function, because on occasion it can come in handy, there is no need to deactivate it. We can leave the function active, but forcing ourselves to close each and every one of the tabs that we have open in the browser before closing it definitely before turning off the computer.

In this way, when we open it again, Chrome will not have any tabs stored in memory that it needs to open, so it will start much faster than if it has to load the tabs of the web pages that were open in the browser. when we close it.

Pin tabs in browser

A feature that many users are unaware of and that is presented as an interesting alternative to this Chrome feature is the ability to pin tabs in the browser. If we usually visit the Softzone website, we can set the tab in the browser so that, every time we start the browser, this web page automatically opens when clicking on that tab.

Unlike grouped tabs, pinned tabs they are not deleted when we close the browser. They are always fixed on the navigation bar. In addition, these types of tabs do not slow down the browser’s startup time, since they only load the content when we click on it, that is, when we really need to interact with it, so if we do not need it in the browsing session in which we find ourselves, we will not waste computer resources unnecessarily by loading it as soon as we open the browser.

Pin chrome tabs

To pin a tab in Chrome, we must, first of all, open the web page that we want to pin, place the mouse over the tab and, with the right mouse button, click the Set option. At that moment, the tab will reduce its size and it will be placed in the upper left part of the tab bar in a reduced format, showing only the favicon of the web. If we want the web to stop being pinned as a tab, we must press the right mouse button and select the Do not pin option.

use extensions

Although the number of functions that we have at our disposal natively in Google is very wide and covers the needs of most of us, if we need some additional function, we can resort to the extensions available in Google Chrome, extensions that add additional functionality. which is not found natively in the browser.

Easy Undo Closed Tabs – Quickly restore closed tabs

Related to this function of Chrome, we find the Easy Undo Closed Tabs extension, an extension that allows us to open the last tabs that we had open in Chrome in groups of 5 tabs up to a maximum of 25.

Easy Undo Closed Tabs
Easy Undo Closed Tabs

The Great Suspend – Reduces Chrome resource consumption

The greater the number of open tabs, the consumption of resources that Chrome consumes on the computer increases. If we don’t want to close a tab, but we want to reduce resource consumption, we can make use of The Great Suspender extension, an application that allows us to selectively suspend the tabs we don’t need at the moment.

The Great Suspender Original
The Great Suspender Original

20 Tabs – Easily manage many tabs

One of the extensions that cannot be missed by the most intense users of Chrome, especially if they work with a large number of tabs together, is 20 Tabs. 20 Tabs is a tab manager that allows us to navigate between them easily, access a list of all the ones that are open, search between tabs, contract groups of tabs and much more.

20 Tabs - Simple Tab Manager
20 Tabs - Simple Tab Manager

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