Identify fake messages on WhatsApp with these tricks

Receive fake WhatsApp messages it is not something strange. In fact, it is a method that hackers are using quite a bit lately. They use techniques to attract the attention of the victim in order to sneak in some malware. Detecting when a WhatsApp message is fake is important to protect security and privacy. Therefore, in this article we are going to give you some important recommendations.

What can they do through a fake WhatsApp message? could reach send a link that takes you to a page to steal your passwords, for example. They could also send you a file that contains malware or simply ask you for personal information that they use against you to scam you.

Detect a dangerous WhatsApp message

We can always take into account some factors to know when a message can really be a scam. This will help you prevent and not act when they send you something that can steal your keys or infect the device. In addition, it is important in order not to spread the problem and affect other users.

strange numbers

The first thing is that, normally, the message will come from a strange number. It is common for it to be through prefixes of other countries, although the message arrives in Spanish. Hackers can run campaigns that target citizens of multiple countries at the same time, so this is common.

Whenever you see an unknown, strange number, get suspicious. Possibly it is accompanied by a profile photo that you also do not know or directly does not have any on.

They ask for something urgent

Another trick to detect fake WhatsApp messages is when you they request something urgent. What they are looking for is that you do not have time to inform yourself or ask someone. For example, they can say that there has been a problem with something, that they have tried to access your bank account, that they need money quickly…

One strategy they often use is to impersonate a relative. Especially, they use it with older people. They can send messages like “Hi, Mom. I have lost my mobile and that is why I am speaking to you from this number. I need you to send me money quickly.”

notes typing errors

It is also very common to see strange things in terms of writing. As we have mentioned, many of these campaigns are aimed at citizens of different countries. That makes them translate the messages. Sometimes those messages they will not be well translated and it will be noticed.

In addition, the way of writing can also be detected as a bit strange. They can use very robotized expressions or phrases, which you may notice are addressed to many people and not precisely to someone you know.

They offer some prize

Another issue to take into account is that they usually offer something for the victim to fall into the trap. Normally it is a prize or a gift. Basically, they want the victim to be interested and end up clicking on a link or filling out any form that is requested to steal personal data.

This happens a lot at certain times. For example, at Christmas you may receive a message telling you that you have been selected for an award or that you have been granted a discount for Amazon.

As you can see, there are different ways to know if a message you receive on WhatsApp may be false. It is important to detect it in time, since otherwise a virus could sneak in, steal passwords or even affect third parties.

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