If you have a Raspberry you must change the password as soon as possible

Change your default password on the Raspberry

A group of computer security experts has asked users who have Raspberry Pi or Linux to immediately change the default passwords. This is so since they have verified how bots are hijacking these types of systemswhich can put the security and privacy of users at risk.

This study has been carried out by bulletproof. They installed a series of traps in the cloud to analyze how the hackers acted for 37 days. They found that 70% of web traffic was made up of bots, and in order to break into systems and devices, they used default passwords the most.

These same security researchers indicate that there are more than 200,000 computers on the Internet running the Raspberry Pi system. This means that there may be many vulnerable devices and hackers will have a good opportunity there to launch their attacks and take control.

Note that the Raspberry Pi operating system uses a default password. Many users simply leave that same password and that is when the problem begins. Cyber ​​criminals, by brute force, can gain access through those weak passwords.

Although in this case from Bulletproof they have focused on Raspberry Pi devices and Linux systems, the truth is that it is something that we must take into account in any other device. For example, the router key is another password that we should always change to avoid problems.

Tips for having a good password

Now, how can we create a really strong password and safe? It is important to take into account some aspects to prevent intruders from finding out. The first thing, as we have seen, is always to change the one that comes from the factory, whatever the device or system that we are using. It is important to prevent passwords from ending up on the Dark Web.

From there, it is important that this access key is long and has letters (both upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. All of this is always random and the password should never be repeated in another place, since what is known as a domino effect could occur and pose a problem added to other registries.

Additionally, it is interesting change the key access from time to time. There may be leaks or vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to steal those keys. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change the password from time to time to refresh the security.

A good idea to generate strong passwords is to use a password manager. There are many options, such as LastPass, and it helps us create them following a series of guidelines to make it as secure as possible. You can use this for your Raspberry Pi or any other device you have.

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