If you have this famous smart light bulb, you are going to have to make this change

Having a smart light bulb is quite common nowadays. They are useful for controlling them remotely, even if you are not at home. You can also take advantage of functions such as detecting presence, turning off when you leave a room or linking them to music. Today a model that is quite popular is the Philips Hue light bulbs. We are going to tell you the latest news, since it will require a change on the part of the user.

This change consists of requiring having an online account to be able to control the lights. It is a change that you will have to make if you have a device of this type and want to continue using this feature. Until now, it was not necessary to have an Internet account to be able to configure or manage other types of devices within your home network.

Online account to control Philips Hue

We can say that Philips Hue bulbs were one of the main options when devices of this type began to appear. Over time, they have continued to be at the top of the most popular brands. Now, the novelty is that it will begin to be necessary to have an online account to make the most of these Wi-Fi light bulbs.

This is indicated by How to Geek, where they have shown the message from the Philips Hue application in which they inform that having an account allows them to send important information related to security. Before long, they continue, login will be required. They assure that the email address will not be used for marketing purposes, but that it is a change to benefit the user and their security.

Therefore, in a short time it will be mandatory to have an Internet account to be able to control Philips Hue light bulbs. A small change, which, although it is simple and will offer some usefulness, will undoubtedly also bring controversy and there will be those who criticize this change by the company.

Until now, a clear advantage over other competing models is that Philips Hue bulbs had full control at the local level. Will this change cause customers to decide to opt for other alternatives? The truth is that we have already seen similar cases in which, due to concerns about privacy, there have been those who have stopped using certain services or devices.

Cool or warm white light bulb

Initial setup

It seems that it will not be necessary to have a permanent Internet connection for the bulbs to work. That is, having to create an account on the Internet will be necessary only for the initial configuration. From there, if the connection fails, the lights should continue to function normally.

As we always say, our advice is that you control this type of device that you connect to the Internet very well. It is key to have the firmware updated, check that you only install official software and always have strong and reliable passwords, to prevent them from entering and controlling your devices.

In short, if you have Philips Hue bulbs and you do not have an account created, it will soon be necessary to configure it. There will be no changes in its use, beyond this detail, so it will continue to work the same as before. If the Wi-Fi network does not appear, you can always look for the reason and avoid problems when connecting these devices.

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