With this new trick they can steal your WhatsApp

Hackers use multiple methods to achieve their goals and attack. They can steal passwords, personal data, compromise the operation of equipment… In this article we are going to talk about the latest trick they use to steal whatsapp. We are going to explain what they do and what we must do to be protected at all times and not fall into the trap that could expose our data.

They use call forwarding to steal WhatsApp

This is a trick that has been detected by security researchers from CloudSEK and that consists of using the automated service of mobile operators to forward calls to a different phone number and also use the WhatsApp option to send a one-time verification code through a call.

It is basically based on social engineering. The attacker needs to know the victim’s phone number and convince them to make a call to a number that starts with an MMI code (starting with “*” or “#”, which is what will forward calls , depending on the operator, to another number if it is busy or not picked up.

From there, once he has tricked the victim into forward the calls, the attacker will start the WhatsApp registration process on your device and choose the option to receive a unique password (OTP) verification code via voice call. From that moment on, the attacker will be able to register the WhatsApp account, enable 2FA and thus prevent the legitimate user from recovering their account.

As you can see, this trick can steal your whatsapp account. Now, it is a complex method that requires social engineering and, of course, will require the interaction of the victim. Hackers are going to run into multiple obstacles that are going to make this difficult to pull off.

WhatsApp vulnerability

How to avoid this problem

Luckily, avoiding this problem that puts your WhatsApp account at risk is very simple. All you have to do is always keep the common sensedo not call strange numbers or fall into similar traps that request certain codes or that you carry out some action that you do not know.

At the end of the day, hackers are going to need you to do something to steal your account. They cannot perform this attack without you taking certain steps. Therefore, common sense and avoid making mistakes It will be essential to be protected at all times and not have problems. There are methods to hack WhatsApp messages and you should avoid them.

In addition, another essential point is enable two-step authentication by WhatsApp. This will allow you to protect the account to the maximum and thus prevent an intruder from stealing it. You would need to carry out a second step that you will not be able to if you have activated this option that comes with the application.

Therefore, common sense and activating WhatsApp’s two-step authentication is the main thing to avoid problems. You can protect yourself not only from this attack, but also from many other similar ones that may appear and compromise your privacy.

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