If you have this near your TV, the WiFi will go very bad

connect tv to internet it is very common today. This allows us to see streaming platforms, such as Netflix or YouTube. The problem is that in many cases the Wi-Fi network does not reach well. It reaches us very weak, there are cuts or the speed is not enough to see high-quality content without failures. What can we do to prevent it? In this article we show you some things that you can have near the TV and that will cause the wireless network to go very badly.

What affects TV Wi-Fi

Keep in mind that the wifi receiver of television is usually more limited than that of a mobile or a computer. That means that it will be more sensitive to possible problems that may exist. You might notice that the connection is bad on the Smart TV, while on your phone, which is next to you, it works fine. For this reason, it is even more important to avoid having this thing that we are going to show you close by.

Bluetooth headphones or speakers

It is common for you to have Bluetooth headphones or speakers on the television. You can use them to watch movies or play games. They are useful and a nice complement to the speakers built into the Smart TV. The problem is that this could generate interference in the wireless network. You could have problems receiving the signal well

Why is this happening? he bluetooth It works on the 2.4 GHz frequency, which is the same frequency used by Wi-Fi. That can generate conflicts and interference. If the signal arrives weak, that can make it go even worse. You could have significant problems connecting to the network and that the signal is sufficient to watch movies or series in Streaming. Therefore, if you have these devices, as well as any other that work via Bluetooth, try moving them away from the television.

Other appliances

There could also be problems with other appliances. It is especially problematic microwave, since it also works on the 2.4 GHz frequency. If you have a TV in the kitchen, be careful if you have this type of appliance nearby. It will make the signal arrive worse and you will have problems.

But it can happen with many other devices that could generate interference and problems if they are very close to the television. For example Wi-Fi receivers or any similar device. Always try to move the TV away from these devices and the wireless network will work better for you, with fewer cuts.

some metal plate

Do you have some metallic furniture near the tv? That is a mistake, since any metal plate or sheet will make the Wi-Fi weak and you will have problems. Any obstacle can affect the wireless signal, but especially when we talk about metal, the problem can be greater.

Therefore, once again, it is best that you do not have the television on a metal piece of furniture, nor do you have a sheet or any large metal object nearby. All of this will affect and make the signal worse.

In short, as you can see, you can take into account some tips so that Wi-Fi reaches the television better. At the very least, the goal is to avoid having things nearby that could negatively affect you. That will help you play streaming videos in maximum quality. Sometimes you will have to solve typical Wi-Fi failures at home.

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