If you have trouble distinguishing colors, texts and Windows menus, make these changes

On most occasions, when we sit in front of our computer, we find ourselves with a computer based on the windows operating system from Microsoft. It offers us everything we need to work without problem in practically all the modes of use that we need.

When it comes to making things easier for us in this regard, the software giant thanks to a product that has not stopped improving over the last decades. All this based on new versions and updates that come to us periodically to meet the needs of each era. Despite its errors, Windows is undoubtedly a highly functional and powerful operating system to meet the needs of the majority.

Hence precisely why for many years it has become the favorite for many when working with their desktop computers. However, Microsoft is not only concerned with everything related to the functionality of its system. As recently demonstrated with the launch of Windows 11the interface and appearance of the software also play a fundamental role.

That is precisely why we have the possibility of configuring and customizing a large number of parameters and options to adapt the appearance of Windows to our needs. In fact, sometimes it can be the case that we even have vision problems and it costs us work and spend many hours in front of this operating system. Next, we are going to talk about a series of changes that you can make to it to improve its visualization and general experience with the PC.

Adapt the Windows interface if you don’t see it well

In this way you will have the possibility of making some simple changes, even if you do not have advanced knowledge of Windows, to better see its different sections. And it is that working long hours with the PC and not visualizing the operating system well can become a serious inconvenience.

windows resolution

  • Use another accent color: if we have problems when it comes to distinguish colors, we can customize from the Settings application the accent color that Windows will use throughout its interface. We have several default ones or we can create our own.
  • Change the screen resolution: sometimes it will be difficult for us to distinguish the texts and images that appear in the system, hence changing the default resolution helps us to see better. Just click with the right button on the Desk and select Display Settings
  • Customize fonts: Microsoft’s system comes with a number of default fonts or typefaces. But if we have problems reading certain texts, from Configuration / Personalization we can modify and customize this section.
  • Change the size of the icons: just by right-clicking on the Windows Desktop we have the possibility of enlarge system icons if we see them too small.
  • Modifies the display scale: by default the display scale used by Windows is 125%, but from the Settings application we can increase this value if we have display problems.

windows colors

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