If you use Google calendar, beware of this threat

He google calendar It is a tool that many users use in their daily lives. It is used to keep an order of the tasks you have to perform, add reminders or simply see a date you need. But can this be a danger? The truth is that yes. Hackers, who are constantly perfecting their attack techniques, have come up with a new option to scam you when you use this Google service. We are going to tell you how it works and what to do to protect yourself.

This is a public proof-of-concept exploit, which allows an attacker to take advantage of the Google calendar service and host the command and control infrastructure. This is what Google warns. It is a tool called Google Calendar RAT and uses a Gmail account for its purpose.

They use Google Calendar to attack

It is not something new, since they indicate that this tool is present in GitHub since last June. What this script does is create a covert channel by exploiting Google calendar event descriptions. Its objective, as indicated by the discoverer behind this problem, Valerio Alessandroni, is none other than to connect directly with Google.

But what exactly can happen? If they exploit this tool, they may have access to Gmail account. They could monitor your email address, which can be a privacy and security issue. For example, they could impersonate your identity and contact other people to expand the field of attack.

From Google, they have announced that they have already disabled the accounts that have been affected and those that have been used by hackers to distribute malware. By having a backdoor and connecting to a server, they could have sent malicious content to victims and managed to steal passwords or take control of the system.

As you can see, even a service as widely used as google calendar, could be used by hackers to attack. It is essential to always take measures and thus avoid problems that may compromise privacy or security. You will always have protection tools at your disposal.

Malicious calendar events

How to avoid attacks

If you are wondering what you can do to avoid being attacked through Google Calendar, something fundamental is the common sense. Be careful with strange emails you receive or additional applications you can install. It could be a scam and they will put your privacy at risk.

It is essential to always have the device protected, with a good security program. An antivirus will help you detect the entry of malicious software. You can reduce the risk of having applications or files that are simply going to steal your data and put the proper functioning of your device at risk.

We also recommend have everything updated. In many cases, cybercriminals will take advantage of vulnerabilities to attack. They are going to launch attacks that are based on security flaws that may be uncorrected. Therefore, always install the latest versions available to avoid problems.

In short, as you can see, your security can be in danger if you use Google Calendar. It is key to avoid risks and have everything very well prepared to maintain security and privacy. Just as you can protect your Chrome profile with a password, you can also protect any other service you use in your daily life on the Internet.

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