If you use Google Chrome, you are already taking time to update it

Sorry for the rush in the title of this news, but I’m afraid I have to insist, if you use any version of Google Chrome for Windows, macOS or Linux equal to or less than 112.0.5615.120, you are exposing yourself to a security threat recently detected by security researchers and which, and this is the reason that explains the urgency expressed in the title, has already been discovered by cybercriminals and, consequently, , is already being exploited on the Internet.

Put another way: there’s a problem, the bad guys know it, and if you don’t update Google Chrome as soon as possible, you may have the dubious honor of becoming one of their victims.

The vulnerability, identified with the code CVE-2023-2033, has been recognized by Google, which, yes, for logical reasons has not yet disseminated its full operation, just as the entities that have published the information bulletins on this security problem have not. The responsible communication policy determines that the details must be kept hidden until all the potential victims have had the means and the necessary time to carry out the pertinent actions to protect themselves from the threat.

The Google Chrome vulnerability, which falls within those classified as incompatible type, a software weakness that occurs when a resource is accessed using a type that is incompatible with the original type. For example, if a variable is assigned as an integer, but then read as a pointer, this can cause logic errors or out-of-bounds memory access. In this specific case, it is known that it affects the V8 JavaScript engine, although the effects of its exploitation have not been disclosed.

The good news is that, in response to the problem, There is already a Google Chrome update that fixes the CVE-2023-2033 vulnerability. This is version 112.0.5615.120, available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Due to the urgency, this update does not fall within the scheduled ones in advance, but to apply it you will only have to access chrome://settings/help and wait for the update to download. Once the process is finished, a button will be displayed that will allow you to restart the browser applying the update changes.

In the absence of knowing the specific details of this vulnerability, it’s always a good time to remember how important it is to keep web browsers up to date, especially if security updates like this one are released. We should remember the vast amount of personal data we send, receive and view through these programsand that should make us reflect on the risks of such information falling into the wrong hands.

Total security doesn’t exist, you know, but a quick response from us to this type of incident can make a big difference. So, with your permission, I say goodbye just as I started, once emphasizing the most important thing, If you use Google Chrome, update it now!

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