If You’ve Bought These 5 Cryptocurrencies, You’re Rich Right Now

Of course, the first thing that we recommend from here is that, if you are going to enter this complex world of cryptocurrencies, you should first inform yourself well. Otherwise you have many ballots to lose those invested savings in a resounding way, with the annoyance that it can bring on many occasions. But of course, if the use of these virtual currencies has not stopped growing for some time, it is because many other users earn real money with all of it.

Right now we have at our fingertips a multitude of platforms, services and specialized websites focused on this type of element and its use. In this way we find all kinds of help that will help us to manage these investments in virtual goods, as well as to store them, trade or inform us of all this. In many cases here, the success or failure, economically speaking, is seriously influenced by the type of cryptocurrencies that we have opted for. Although there are many that are familiar to us, the alternatives available here are more than we imagine.

Precisely for all this, below we are going to talk about five cryptocurrencies that you could have acquired recently and that would have given you great benefits right now.

CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency


From what we can see on the CoinMarketCap portal, this is the virtual currency that has grown the most in recent days. Specifically, over the last week it has grown almost 55%, a currency that was designed by Dapper Labs and launched in the past 2019. You have to know that Flow itself is especially aimed at the development of NFT and GameFi, which has directly influenced its recent success.


On the other hand, if we focus on this other proposal in which you could have invested, or really have invested, say that in the last week it has grown almost 47%. Despite the bad news that this cryptocurrency has given its supporters over the past few months, it seems that has ended up going back and right now it is one of the juiciest investments.


With more than 33% growth in recent days, there is no doubt that this other virtual proposal has become one of the most beneficial at the moment. While many of the new cryptocurrencies that appear on the market of this type are doomed to failure, it seems that this proposal is making life happy for many of its investors.


Here we find another interesting proposal of these characteristics in which if we invest recently, we may now have a smile on our face. It has managed to grow more than 31% over the last few days, a virtual currency which for many investors is a very ambitious project. Among its main characteristics we can highlight that it is a decentralized cryptocurrencyhighly scalable and privacy-focused.

NEAR Protocol

And, to finish, with a rise of almost 28%, we find this other proposal in which we could have invested to bring us joy. It is worth mentioning that this proposal uses your own network of nodes to create a decentralized infrastructure in the cloud. This is one of the reasons why it is capable of offering us high scalability, among other benefits.

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