I’m going to program, is Windows 11 a good operating system for it?

Windows 11 He has been with us for 6 months now. The new operating system came to succeed the current Windows 10, using this system as a base and introducing a large number of changes, improvements and novelties, especially at the Kernel level and aesthetics. As long as we have a compatible PC, all users who use Windows 10 can now update. And, while for domestic use we are not going to have any problem, what happens if we use the computer in professional environments, for example, to program?

The first thing we must bear in mind is that, although it is a new version of Windows, it is not really a complete new operating system, such as the jump from Windows XP to Vista, or from 7 to 8, but rather It is one more update to Windows 10, so we will not have compatibility problems. Any program that we use in Windows 10, whether it is design software or a programming IDE, will work without problem in this new Windows 11.

So, what are the keys to this new OS?

A Microsoft Store full of opportunities

The Windows Store made its appearance with Windows 8, although it was not until Windows 10 that it gained popularity. The problem with this store is that in order to publish the apps, the developers needed to almost completely rewrite them to package them as UWP.

Now, with the arrival of Windows 11, this has changed. The windows store not only supports universal UWP apps, but also works with Win32, PWA, and .NET. Thus, the work is simplified and the developers will not have to waste time, or dedicate additional effort, to create the app.

Another advantage of the store is that now it is not exclusive, and allows the publication of other stores, such as the Amazon Appstore or the Epic Games Store inside of her. In this way, it is easier to give visibility to our applications, even if we upload them to these other stores. Microsoft only keeps, for each sale in its store, a 15% commission, half that of other stores. We can even upload our own app store if we want users to buy from it and get 100% of the benefits.

Android and Linux inside Windows

In Windows 10 we could already see the Windows Subsystem for Linux. However, with the arrival of Windows 11, the possibilities of subsystems have multiplied. Now we are not only going to have a Linux (with better performance, by the way) within Windows itself, but we are also going to be able to have a android subsystemwhich will be very useful both for developing and testing applications published for this operating system.

Android apps Windows 11

Of course, we will also have all the Windows SDKs to develop applications for this operating system as it has always been done. Of course, video game development engines will also benefit from this system, enabling features such as automatic HDR or Direct Storage.

Other factors

Of course, Windows 11 hides other aces up its sleeve, all of them for the better. For example, another of the fundamental pillars of this operating system is its security. And it is that not only is it a system that is more robust at the base, but also supports other features, such as TPM 2.0, UEFI, Secure Boot and VBS, in addition to the additional shields of Windows Defender, to make the system is practically insurmountable.

The functions of multitask They are also another of the new features of Windows 11 that help us work much better with the operating system, being able to divide the screen into several parts to have several windows in view at the same time, and improving work with external monitors.

Use Snap Layouts in Windows 11

And finally, the low-level optimizations of this operating system guarantee us an exceptional performance of the operating system, something that the developers will also appreciate.

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