iMac with Apple M1 on sale: almost 300 euros discount, run!

Apple iMac with M1

We all looked forward to Apple deciding to take the final step with the use of its own processors and finally at the end of 2021 we witnessed it. The firm announced its M1 and with this it opened a new path within its history, warning of a generational leap that would take its time to reach users. First it was the MacBook and the Mac mini and then finally came its desktop, with a new chip and also a new design.

This is how the equipment that you see between these lines was born, a very minimalist desktop, ridiculously thin (its thickness is 1.15 cm) and with all the power of a new chip, with eight cores (like its GPU), which houses seamlessly with your operating system. The iMac boasts a retina display 4.5K 24-inch, wide color gamut (P3) and 500 nits of brightness.

Apple iMac M1

It has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage -in the configuration that we are dealing with today to tell you about the offer, of course- and it also boasts the so-called Neural Engine, which greatly accelerates machine learning tasks, enabling performance up to 15 times greater than the previous generation.

Available in several colors, do not forget to bet on the FaceTime HD camera (with support for 1080p and image signal processor of the M1 chip), a set of three microphones to achieve better sound and a six-speaker audio system that offers a sound experience, they say, “totally unique.”

Apple iMac M1

A very attractive team that you can now get with a discount important. The time has come for you to hunt it down.

Apple desktop discounted at Amazon

As special as the equipment may seem to you, what you will surely not like so much is its price. And is that the Apple desktop is a significant outlay, which makes many prefer to opt for other alternatives. To help you lean towards the apple, now you have an offer on Amazon that you cannot refuse: a 16% discount that you will hardly see in the brand’s official store – never given to making sales.

Apple iMac M1

In this way, of the 1,669 euros that it officially costs -the configuration mentioned a few lines above-, you can now buy it for 1,399 euros, saving you 270 euros, which is said soon. The version available with this discount is the blue one, since although all the colors are really discounted, none reaches the figure of the beautiful light blue that you see in the image.

If you dare to get it, you know what to do: click on the image you have on these lines and put the iMac in your shopping cart before the offer ends. Right now the equipment appears “temporarily out of stock”, but Amazon (who manages and sells the product) allows you to purchase it, respecting the discounted price and not charging you until your unit is dispatched.

Key Features Apple iMac 2021

  • 24 ″ Retina display and 4.5K resolution
  • M1 processor with 8 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores
  • 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD
  • FaceTime HD camera (1080p)
  • Minimalist design and thickness of 1.15 cm
  • Various colors to choose
  • In the box: Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Magic Mouse

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