Star Plus: How to get the new streaming service for FREE?

Star Plus is the most recent streaming service to arrive in Mexico, with a +16 rating catalog, which includes popular series such as The Simpsons, Alien, Bones, The walking dead among other. Although it is true that this service is relatively new, it has quickly begun to gain popularity in the country.

Although in some European countries the service is included when hiring Disney, in Mexico it has to be paid separately, which has made it more challenging to gain subscribers. Thinking about it, the company has revealed that it will give free days of the service so that all those interested can try it.

Through a statement, Star plus has reported that it will open access to its service in the following days: During the Abu Dhabi award, in the PSG vs Monaco game, also in the Monday Night Football games of Packers vs Bears and Buccaneers vs Bills. To all this they will also include episodes of the Chucky series, the movie Free Guy among others that have just been launched on the platform.

When will Star Plus be FREE?

In short, Star Plus will be free from Friday December 10th to the 12th of the same month, so that this content can be viewed freely and for free, in case you decide to contract during these days, your billing period will begin on the 13th, this free access will only be available in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

To access this “promotion” it will be enough to download and install the application, create an account and later enjoy the service during the free days. Subsequently, it will be necessary to make a payment if you want to continue with the active subscription to access all the content of the catalog.

How much does Star Plus cost?

Star + individually has a cost of $ 199 Mexican pesos, if you buy it per month. However, if you want to rent it for a year it would cost you 1,999 pesos, which would save you two months of service.

Subscribing only to Disney Plus has a cost of $ 159 Mexican pesos per month, or $ 1,599 per year. Having a saving of $ 309 pesos, which is equivalent to a saving of almost two months in the annual subscription.

If you buy Star Plus together with a Disney + subscription it would cost you $ 249 pesos per month. Therefore, if you purchase an annual package with the Disney Plus and Star Plus service, its cost will be $ 2,988 Mexican pesos.

This works as a strategy for more people to acquire the service, with this you can watch movies and series for free, so you can make the decision whether or not to acquire said platform.


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